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Small lot cardboard jewellery boxes offered

Am having a tidy up and have found a box of 21 cardboard style jewellery boxes with foam inserts so if anyone can put them to good used I am happy to send them for the cost of the postage (they can go as a small parcel so £2.85l)
Boxes are as follows:
4 X medium blue box with foam insert 5 x 8 cm
2 X small black box with foam insert 4 X 5.5 cm
15 X long black box with foam insert 3.5 X 21cm
Am off to the post office in the morning so am just going to say that first person to show interest will be recipient.

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Hi Anna @WonderousOddities i would love to put them to use hun are you sure postage is enough x

Absolutely, will pm you now to get your address.