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Postal packaging ideas/supplies

(Jo Jones Creative) #1

I’m just setting up my Folksy shop but need some help sourcing packaging materials. I’m selling lampshades so they are big and fragile. I’d like to be as green as possible but still keep costs low for the customer - any suggestions would be gratefully received! Thank you

(Christine Shephard) #2

I tend to search on ebay for most of my packaging, but have also used Midpac and Defendapack for boxes and other packaging materials. Lightweight filling (the polystyrene stuff) probably isn’t very ‘green’ but you could re-use it. I don’t send fragile items very often, but when I do I use my own shredded paper for filling - it gets rid of all the old bills and letters quite safely!

(Dixie Nichols) #3

Such a good idea to use your own shredded paper But I wouldn’t use it to pack a jigsaw puzzle just in case

(Rosesworkshop) #4

Remember that High Street shops have to pay to have their rubbish taken away, so they can be helpful about passing on boxes for free. Figure out what size you need first, and take a list and tape measure with you. e.g. your local sweet shop gets their crisps in a box of 48 packs. If that box fits your lampshades then you’re away!

Going green is hard and takes more time and effort than just bulk-buying bubble-wrap. Well done to everyone who does it in any small way :slight_smile:

(Julie) #5

A great idea to beg boxes from local stores!

A company I deal with uses biodegradable fill inside their boxes, instead of the polystyrene “peanuts” - it’s a similar consistency in use, but can be just washed away when finished with. I suspect it may be expensive though, but I’ve haven’t looked into costs as most of my products don’t need that type of packing. Here’s a link anyway:

(Jo Sara) #6

I’m another one that buys boxes from ebay. The ones I buy in bulk are fully recyclable, and the prices are actually the cheapest I’ve found online, so it’s a win, win. They do actually sell the same size boxes that aren’t listed as fully recyclable and are a few quid more expensive. I have no idea what could be in cardboard that wouldn’t be recyclable and would cost more too.

I sell fragile items too, but I can’t find anything lighter, or more suited to the job, to pack out the boxes with than bubblewrap (not the greenest, I know). Again, bought on ebay which is the best price I’ve found. Paper based filler like that crumpled brown paper is a lot heavier, and I need something that I can shape, not just loose bits, like shredded paper, or those peanut thingys. You might get away with those air cushions for your lampshades to fill the void inside them.

I’ve also looked into biodegradable mail bags, but they are a bit too pricey for my pocket at the moment, but they are out there if you want to use them.

Good luck.


(Jo Jones Creative) #7

Thank you everyone for all your very useful suggestions, I will get researching and shredding! This is my first experience of Folksy and I’m really impressed by how friendly and helpful everyone is - thank you for making me so welcome.