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I think I have missed something here as I would like to put a free shipping on Valentine’s Day Cards to people in my hometown if possible (as I can hand deliver) and the only way I can see to do this is to make a discount code. Ideally I don’t want to do this so other than asking people to buy direct without Folksy how can I do this?

Thanks in advance
Squirrel & Tiffin

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Hi Linzi. Do you say anywhere, which town you live in? I couldn’t find it. I had a local order just before xmas. I hand-delivered and refunded the postage, easy to do via paypal. On that basis, you could add somewhere obvious that you refund postage for locally placed orders specifying a postcode area. Mecki :slight_smile:

(Squirreland Tiffin) #3

Hi @mecki,

Sorry for the late reply it has been a busy few days!

Yes I will try and find somewhere to put that the shipping is free. Would be good to have a button or able to put in a code to the discount code part to make it work.

Thanks x