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First ever discount code

(Susannah Ayre) #1

Hi folks!
Sorry if this is one of those annoying posts about another discount! (Oops!!)
But I’ve been selling online for a little while now, on here, Etsy, few others.
And as you can now do discount codes on Folksy (I know I’m slow on the uptake) I have decided to run a discount code on here & Etsy for the next 2 weeks (you can use code: summertime if you’re interested)

But I was actually wondering whether people noticed a difference when they offer discount codes? When I first started selling online I did free postage- as I know postage sometimes puts people off, but after I realised it was costing me too much money, once I removed that and added postage I actually noticed it made no difference- I had no less buyers after adding the postage. So just curious? Anyone notice a difference in a boost in sales? Does anyone think they’ve worked out the best length of time to run an offer for?

Thanks all!! :blush: Just experimenting!!