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French wire please

Ive been asked to restring a fake pearl necklace for my mums friend. Ive bought the silk thread, but have since seen a tutorial which shows I need French wire too. Seeing as Im only remaking 1 necklace I don’t really want to spend £3 they are asking for elsewhere. I wondered if anybody could sell me a smaller amount for less.
Or do I not really need it? it protects the string from the finding I think.

Has your silk come with a wire needle attached?
I can send you some french wire, but unless you have a very fine wire needle you won’t get it through.

I use calottes (also known as clam shells) instead of french wire or gimp - how was the original necklace made and can you reuse the bits if it has calottes? You need to be very careful when you pry them open and then closely inspect for any sign of damage before reusing bits from the original necklace.

Thanks for the replies.
@DeborahJonesJewelleryYep, the thread came with needles. Thanks for the wire offer, I shall pm you.