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Does anyone else do pearl knotting?

Hello everyone, and happy New Year!

I’ve just been asked by a friend to string some pearls (that she has sourced) for her sister’s 60th birthday gift. I’m always reluctant to take on commissions for friends (I feel too responsible for the outcome) and I’m also struggling with RSI in my right elbow. I didn’t want to just say no, though, so thought it woudl be good to suggest someone else from the Folksy community!

Do any of you other lovely jewellers do pearl knotting, and if so, how much would you charge to make an 18" necklace if the pearls were provided? (I don’t know what kind of a clasp they would want yet but I can find out.)

Do email me directly if you prefer:

Thanks so much!

Anne x

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I do pearl knotting! It’s a fairly long process when you take into account stretching the thread etc. Traditionally you would use a box clasp, but these days anything goes. If the pearls and the clasp are provided I would be able to do it for £30. I would be able to give you a tightly knotted string of pearls that would last many years if they were worn once a week. What tends to happen if the pearls are not tightly knotted enough is that gaps appear on the thread between the knots with the pearls sliding up and down between them.

Sam x

Thanks, Sam! I’ll get back in touch with my friend and see what they want to do, and let you know.

Anne x

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