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Front page curated pics

(Little Ramstudio) #1

Anyone know how often these are going to change?

(Leathermeister) #2

Being new around here I haven’t got the answer, but was wondering how the front page works. I’ll be watching this thread with interest.

(Kathelle MacLeod) #3

I read somewhere here it was every week, though I may be wrong x

(Little Ramstudio) #4

That’s what we thought, just feels like it’s not been updated for a while.

(Kathelle MacLeod) #5

Yeah, I know what you mean :confused: I think a more regular turnaround would show more people and keep the page interesting for frequent visitors… (P.S. Thank you for being my first blog follower!) x

(Stephanie Guy) #6

Yes I was beginning to think it was getting a bit samey.

@Folksycontent Camilla can you shed any light on this?

(Sian ) #7

The front page shows the most recent 100 favourite finds. New ones are added most weekdays, so they should be changing regularly.

You do need to hit the ‘refresh content’ button (*eta: or refresh the page) to see new ones though. Does that help or are you still seeing the same few things over and over?

(Little Ramstudio) #8

Just had a look and there seems to be a couple of new items in there now.
Off to drum up some favourites :smile:

(Christine Shephard) #9

Are these Folksy favourite finds still (i.e. picked by Folksy admin), not everyone else’s favourites?

(Camilla) #10

The Folksy Finds are picked by the Folksy team @ciesse, whereas the other favourites on the home page (so most popular and recently favourited) are chosen by you and the Folksy community. We add to the Favourite Finds throughout every day (normally between 5 and 20 new items every day). The most recent 100 favourites are then shown randomly on the home page. I think everyone will be seeing a different selection, but I need to check with @dougfolksy about that.

Whenever you come to Folksy, refresh the home page or press the ‘refresh content’ button, a new selection of favourite finds should appear. The idea is that visitors should be able to see something new whenever they come to the home page. Again, I’ll check with Doug that that’s working because I’ve seen a few items on there that I’ve rotated out of favourite finds but they’re still appearing, so it may be a cache issue.

I hope that helps.

(Christine Shephard) #11

So, if new items are added at the rate of 5-20 per day, they will continue to pop up on the front page for anywhere from 5 to 20 days before being replaced. I’d suggest that 20 days might be a bit too long to see some things on there. Could you try to add a minimum of 10 per day? - that would reduce the maximum exposure to 10 days, or only use the 50 most recent instead?

(Leathermeister) #12

Thanks @Folksycontent its good to understand how the system works. Now all I need to do is get some favourites.


(Sarah Eves) #13

I agree with @Ciesse - definitely a shorter turnaround!

I frequently refresh the front page out of curiosity, but have been seeing the same 20ish items for well over a week now - the only difference with refreshing the page seems to be that a small pic becomes a large one and vice versa!

Sarah x

(Maddisons Rainbow) #14

I stopped looking at that ages ago because it was always the same things sometimes in a different order. Surely out of the thousands that sell on Folksy everybody should get a chance?

(Stephanie Guy) #15

@Folksycontent Camilla I was delighted to see one of my pink sunset paintings had been added to your Folksy Finds on Tuesday, but no matter how many times I refresh the page it hasn’t shown up at all yesterday or today. Have you had a binge on new finds or has the algorithm gone wrong?

It was one of these two (not sure exactly which one)

(Juniper Spools) #16

Hi @StephanieGuy I saw this on the front page about an hour ago. EDIT and again just now

When you are referring to Folksy finds do you mean you saw it on the front page on Tuesday?

(Camilla) #17

Hi Stephanie. It is still in our favourite finds! Right now it’s at number 88 so it should still be showing. I’ve asked Doug to increase the number of favourite finds that the front page draws from because some people said they were seeing the same things repeated - so anything in the most recent 120 favourite finds should now be seen. I’ve just tried refreshing the page to check, and your miniature came up after about 10 refreshes. You’ve got another piece on there too, in the most favourited box!

(Stephanie Guy) #18

Thank you @JuniperSpools and Camilla @Folksycontent, you’ve made my day :smiley:
I agree that rotating 120 fave finds is better, it does look fresher.

(Christine E.) #19

I don’t know if my little box is still on there somewhere or whether it’s gone now, but I only managed to spot it a couple of times. Yet there is one item there that I absolutely detest (not you,reader, this person doesn’t come on the forums) that seems to appear most of the time. I can’t wait for it to go away!

(Little Ramstudio) #20

Feeling left out from not having been there yet :cry: