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Get product photography advice on #FolksyHour

(Camilla) #1

This week’s #FolksyHour promises to be a goodie.

We’ve enlisted three top photographers Yeshen Venema, Holly Booth and Kerrie Mitchell to solve your product shot problems. They’ll be on hand throughout #FolksyHour (over on Twitter this Tuesday 17 March between 8-9pm) to answer your questions and review your Folksy shops and shots.

So if you have any photo-related questions or product shots you’d like them to review, get your links and images ready and don’t forget to include the hashtag #FolksyHour in your tweets, or they won’t be able to see them.

There will also be photography tips and a special offer just for Folksy sellers from Photocraft.

It should be good, so if you’re not already on Twitter what better reason do you need to join?

(Sian ) #4

This is a really unique opportunity to get feedback and advice from three great photographers, so do try to join us at 8pm tonight!

If you can’t make it, remember that you can pick up some tips from Yeshen’s ‘How to Photograph Crafts’ series on the Folksy Blog.

(Heidi Meier) #5

This was very useful, very busy, loads of great tips, and I’m looking forward to the blog to catch up on everything I must have missed! :smiley: