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(Karen Ellam) #1

I can’t find my way back to the main Folksy home page from the new forums. I’ve looked everywhere.
Have I overlooked it somewhere? :blush::open_mouth:

:wave: Welcome to the Folksy Forums (Read Me)! Introduce yourself here :)
(Sian ) #2

Hi Karen

It’s not there at the moment but we will add a link to the top of the page before we launch the new forums to everyone. Until we do that, you will need to type into your browser to get back to folksy.

(Karen Ellam) #3

Thanks for the reply. :grinning:

(Sian ) #4

Just moved this over to the meta category. There’s now a Folksy logo at the top of the page that takes you back to - if you can’t see it, scroll up!

(Sian ) #5