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Which button takes me back to Folksy / my shop from this forum?

(Joy Salt) #1

Just realised I couldn’t navigate myself back to my shop once in here.
How do I please ?

I’ve hit the Folksy button a few times but not getting out of the Talk url.

I used to be able to get to my shop by hitting a profile button but that only takes me to my talk profile. I’ve set up my website address in there but not my Folksy one so I need a quick and easy way to get to my own Folksy page and also anyone else’s. Also want to get to Folksy home …

Sure it’s there somewhere but can’t find it.

(Sian ) #2

There isn’t one at the moment (you’ll just have to type back into your browser or have another tab open for now) but we’ll add one in before we release the forums to everyone

(Joy Salt) #3

Thanks Sian xx

PS: I note that I’ve just discovered there is a minumum number of 20 characters for a post :joy:

(Jan Ryan) #4

I opened the forum in a new tab, that way I can pop back and forth to my shop… or the other forum :smile:
Jan x

(Joy Salt) #5

I’ve set up a link to my Folksy shop in my profile so I can quickly get back to my shop from there if I want to. Pleased to find that I could indeed add the link to the descriptive bit. :slight_smile: