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Getting Stickers Printed

(Sarah Elliott) #1


Does anyone know any good places to get stickers printed with a logo on or is it cheaper to do them myself?


(Debbie) #2

Im also interested to know!

(Donna) #3

me too!!! lol I’d love to get some more professional labels printed.

(Kylie Tilley) #4, and vistaprint. has a 10% off coupon on facebook somewhere and they come from the uk. Vistaprint is sent from Germany and takes 2 weeks to arrive

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #5 do very good labels. They often have special offer codes too. And/or you can get another “” member to recommend you, which gives you (and them) a discount. Also, if you’ve never bought from Moo before, I think you can still get an introductory discount via Folksy (though I’m not sure where the link has gone to … - try looking in the Folksy blog).

Otherwise, you could try searching on Folksy itself - some people make this kind of stuff and sell it in their shops.


(Sarah Elliott) #6

Hey Lizzie,
I had a look at Moo before but found them quite expensive. Found a discount code for $10 reduction so turned out not too bad.

No-one seems to be doing round ones on Folksy. Maybe there is a gap in the market there.

I got my business cards from moo and they were lovely.


(Kylie Tilley) #7

I got my cards done on and my business cards and they have done a wonderful job on them