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Moo business cards

(Rebecca Evans) #1

Morning all…Is there someone out there who could tell me how to access the free cards from Moo. I have tried everything I can including calling Moo and speaking to someone who didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. What am I missing?? Thank you

(Leslie Morton) #2

I haven’t had a chance to look as yet but last time there was a promotion there was a button on the left hand side and it took you to a page on Moo that allowed you to receive the discount. When I get a chance, Rebecca, I’ll took and report back.

ETA Well the button is there (under partnerships on your dashboard) but no discount. Perhaps admin can help. @folksycontent1

By the way, where did you see that there was a promotion on with Moo?

(Suzzie Godfrey) #3

Hello Leslie, if I remember correctly, when you opened your Folksy shop, they tempted you with this offer, also if you go to the thread Quiet Month for Sales, Big Bird Little Bird mentioned it, maybe you could drop her a line,
Hope this helps, Suzzie x

(Sasha Garrett) #4

I think it was Camilla who made reference to an upcoming promotion with MOO but I’ve heard no more details about it.
I’ve always thought that the MOO cards are hideously expensive compared to some other companies - I signed up for news letters with Vistaprint and then when they do half price offers I use them to up grade the high end cardstock so that they work out at the same price as the cheaper cardstocks at normal price. The moo ones feel good but at that price so they should, they cost about 10 times what I paid for my last batch of vista print ones and the way I hand out business cards that’s just not cost effective.
You can get 10 free Moo cards via

(Karen Ellam) #5

I took up the offer when I first joined, but an error occurred during the ordering process and I lost out on the discount. I was really disappointed.
The cards are great quality though, but when I finish off the last of mine I’m tempted to look else where.


(Samantha Stanley) #6

That’s exactly what happened to me, Karen. Luckily I noticed at the payment screen that the discount wasn’t being applied and pulled out before they had my details. The design I was using would have looked much better than my Vistaprint ones, but as others have said, would have been more than 10x the price.

Love Sam :fish:

(Leslie Morton) #7

I guess everyone has a different experience. I highly recommend MOO both for price and quality. I also like the fact that they offer different sizes. I used them last year with the special offer from Folksy but you had to have the Folksy logo on one side and in my opinion, this looked really cheesy. The logo doesn’t transition well into print.

(Liz Dyson) #8

On the left hand side of your dashboard is a Business Card link. I clicked on this and got free Moo cards. I also got free Moo cards from FB - both were appalling and went in the bin. They even reprinted them for me, but they were awful.

(Camilla) #9

Hi everyone. The Folksy Moo cards aren’t available anymore, but we are still working with them and there are two things in the pipeline.

Firstly we’ll be running an offer for 20% off all Moo products exclusive to Folksy sellers (I think this will go live in June).

Secondly we’ve designed a special range of Moo products just for Folksy sellers. The range includes business cards, mini cards, postcards and fliers you can display or hand out at craft fairs. As far as I understand it, these will also be discounted, and they’re designed so you can easily pop in your image and shop name etc. There’s no Folksy branding on them - just your Folksy shop URL.

These were supposed to be ready in March, but the Moo designers are just putting the finishing touches on them and they should be released in June. Sorry for the wait!

(Rebecca Evans) #10

Thanks for the replies. I tried the link on my dashboard but as some people have said when I click on that it just takes me to Moo but with no way of applying the discount. Maybe this is an old thing…ahh yes, just got the reply from Folksy1

(Liz Clark) #11

Apologies to all, I thought this was still running with Moo. I quite liked my cards when I got them in December (especially as they were free) so thought I’d pass the info on in the other thread.

Glad to hear other things are being considered @folksycontent1

(Sarah Eves) #12

While I love the quality and feel of Moo cards, in the two batches I have ordered I found that red and orange hues seemed to jump off the background and were not true to the hues in the original photos.
Vistaprint on the other hand are very consistent with colours and I am a big fan of their postcards.

Sarah x

(Oh Button Me) #13

I took the offer up when they were free and wasss veryf happy with them.

Looks like it will bvve good to wait until June time :blush: and get a bit of money off but sure if you google it you might be able to find a discount code somewhere.

(Claire Davis) #14

I bought Moo cards the first time I needed business cards. I thought they were ok but the printing wasn’t brilliant quality for the price I paid. I now get them from Vistaprint and am much happier with them. I send one out with every order and seem to get through loads at shows so couldn’t justify the cost of the Moo ones any more, plus I actually think the Vistaprint ones are printed better! The colours are nicer :slight_smile:

(Peonyandthistle) #15

I really love Moo business cards and mini cards. The fact that you can have lots of different designs on your cards is great!

To get 10% off your order with Moo you can use this link -

(Eileens Craft Studio) #20

How long is the offer on for Camilla?

(Camilla) #21

I think it’s valid until March 2016 but I am trying to get more details before I can confirm.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #22

Ok thank you Camilla looking forward to the comfirmation it’s for that long.

(Camilla) #23

The Moo offer is now officially LIVE people!!!

It’s for 20% off EVERYTHING at and here is the link.

Let me know if you have any problems.

(PS. It will be going on the site to replace the redundant offer too, but I thought I’d let you all know first.)

(Camilla) #25

Yay!! Thanks for being our guinea-Moo-pig.

I’ve just heard that the special edition Folksy designs are ready they just need to set up a landing page. So they should be available soon too.