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Gift Cards

How would you add a gift card to your Shop?

I was thinking I’d create a card or something that could be sent out as a product. But then I hit a blank as how would someone pay for the gift card/voucher and then the recipient redeem that one for that exact amount. ?

I’ve looked about the forum but can’t see anything about this… but I maybe jut missing something?

at the moment there is no way for people to redeem gift vouchers except by them paying the full amount and putting a voucher identifier in the messages and then you refunding the value of the gift voucher - long winded and not ideal. You would need to keep a record of all gift voucher codes you send out and whether or not they have been redeemed. If you search for gift voucher you can see how other people have worked round the issue.

Thank you - I wondered if it was something like that. I’ll have another look.