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Gift Vouchers?

(Abi Johnston) #1

Hi all, I’ve just returned to Folksy after a time away and a lot has changed around here! I was wondering if any facility had been allow payment by gift voucher or for discount codes?
Sorry if there’s already a topic covering this, I did a search but couldn’t see anything. Thanks in advance for your help!

(Margaret Jackson) #2

No, sorry, there’s no discount codes on Folksy yet. Welcome back!

(Gracie22) #3

I also was wondering about discount codes and gift vouchers?? How do we go about requesting these? also for Folksy to create an App button as I see a lot of us have been wanting an App button for our Iphones/tablets etc … I think it would be a great way to get Folksy promoted … Think I will create a thread on this topic.

(Margaret Jackson) #4

They’ve been requested, but Folksy haven’t got round to it yet. I think Apps have been requested too. There’s a place for suggestions and you can vote on your favourites. Admin know that sellers want these things.

(Gracie22) #5

just voted, let’s hope it gets approved :slight_smile:

(Abi Johnston) #6

Thanks louise15