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Gifts that you have made this year?

(Plumporridge) #1

I’m just finishing a zipped wash bag for my brother, I made my son-in-law the same yesterday. Also giving my niece and her boyfriend cutlery rolls that I made.

I just wondered what other people have made themselves to give to their families and friends ?

(Kim Blythe) #2

I’ve made a pair of jersey trousers for my daughter from glow in the dark cat fabric. There was enough fabric left to make 2 matching skirts for my 2 granddaughters (plus 1 for me!). I have also handknitted a simple cardigan for hubby, and today I finished off a make up bag for a friend. Here is a couple of pictures, although not great as I wasn’t photographing for Folksy, although the make up bag might find it’s way in there at some point as I have fabric left!

(Plumporridge) #3

Wow, you have been busy Kim and they are all beautiful xxx

(Tessa Spanton) #4

I like the make up bag Kim.

I have been expeimenting with gold and silver leaf and made these for friends,

(Karen Nelson) #5

My son has a house rabbit so I have done a door stop and draught excluder


I painted this owl painting for my brother and his partner which I really love how it turned out so I have a feeling there will be some owls coming soon in my shop too :slight_smile: .

(Sandra ) #7

My gift was for a friends new baby.

(Jan Ryan) #8

Every year I make a painted tree dec for my grandson (9) earlier this year he got a Gecko for a pet so he wanted this years decoration to be of ‘Gary the Gecko’ Up to now he has always chosen his favourite superhero.

He loves decorating the tree with his very own decorations.

(Julia K Walton) #9

Two lavender pillows - one for my Mum and one for a friend.

(MainAlice) #10

I crafted a little purse for my friend. Got a few problems with sewing machine during the process , but the outcome looks nice.
Think I’m gonna try another one for the next time.

(Plumporridge) #11

Love this grey and

(Debby Coatham) #12

I have made quite a few gifts this year(2018) for various reasons, birthdays, losses, weddings,

friends going through hard times etc…these are a few of them ![20180803_134541|500x281] (upload://m1eS2eUhQ31gCW8VI3q8uSToicQ.jpeg)

(Plumporridge) #13

So beautiful xxx

(Debby Coatham) #14

Thank you x😊

(TreeofCraftyDelights) #15

I made this little seaside scene for my mum with mini photo line to show pictures of the Grandkids