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Was looking to buy around 20 small fabric bags (Sorted now thank you!)

Hi there

Possible commission for someone! I have just harvested the Lavender from my garden and would like to buy some small favour sized bags (around 10cm x 6cm) with a drawstring or a ribbon tie so I can give them as little gifts. Maybe with a lavender pattern or maybe the word Lavender on?

I have found some massed produced ones that would do but was wondering if this is something someone could make for me? I would be looking for about 20.

Please message me if you could do this with an approx price.


Dottie x

When do you want them for? I have lots of patchwork fabrics, beautiful cottons and a huge stash of ribbons. I am pushed for time at this moment…

Hi @SueTrevor Thank you so much for for replying. I am looking to get them done sooner rather than later though as I have have bowls of lavender now sitting around! Great that you are busy though :slight_smile: