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Glass used in jewellery help please

Occasionally I make glass pendants.
2 small pieces of glass between soldered copper tape(so its a metal frame) with a pic in the middle.

Ive just been asked how I protect the glass(via another social media source) and I have to admit, Im a bit flummoxed.

I have to admit to making an assumption that lots of jewellery items are made from glass beads or breakables/metals etc, plus jewellery is not something that people treat badly(though I know accidents happen) that I didn’t think about any safety regulations I should be be abiding by.

Any knowledge from fellow glass users appreciated?

Are they asking about how you protect the glass during soldering or if you use a toughened glass to make it less breakable after its been made?

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The metal frame would protect the glass from breaking to a certain extent. I don’t know of any regulations regarding using glass. Paste stones are used a lot in mass produced costume jewellery with very little regard to how easily they might break and how sharp they are should they do so.

Sam x

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Are they asking so they can make a similar item, or am I being a bit suspicious. It’s a beautiful pendant.


Thanks @Quilt4love. They havn’t replied to my comment so not sure exactly what they mean.