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Glue for ribbon

Bought some fabric glue to use on ribbon . I was making a flat bow and found the hobbycraft fabric glue not very strong. I put a weight on it and a few hours later I checked it and the ribbon teared of easily. Thats not very good!
Wondering if I should just use doublesided tape or even glue dots as it wouldnt be as messy. I have a glue gun but wanted something to use quickly

Any tips would be welcome

Not sure the glue dots would be strong enough - what sort of fabric glue were you using. I use this when I need to glue bits of felt to things and find it pretty good as it is quite fast so you don’t have to hold it for long and it dries clear. Not sure if it would seep through finer materials. The alternative is you could put a stitch or two through the ribbon to hold it.

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thank you for replying quickly . I was using a satin ribbon . I am putting an embellishment in the middle of bow so it hides the middlepart where the glue might show through. I looked at the one that you use and I recognise it from when I had to stick sequins on a costume. So That looks as if that will work
There are all kinds of glue out there its just trying to work out which one will be best .

I’ve found when glueing satin that a runnier glue is better than a thicker glue as it can seep into the fabric to give a stronger hold bond (the thick ones can sit on the surface and then be peeled off). I can’t remember what sort of glue I ended up using but have definately used the one that Roz recommends for glueing shiny fabrics (for fancy dress).

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Have you tried strong double sided tape? (the sort that has the red backing) I find that works well on most ribbon (shows through organza but I’ve yet to find anything that doesn’t!)

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Diane,I tried a normal strength tape to stick the edges round the hidden bit that went behind the card if you know what i mean but didnt try it for the bow bit as found it a bit fiddly this is the sort of bow . I thought I would have more flexability with glue?

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As you are hiding the centre of the bow then I would put a cross stitch in the middle to hold it together. I often use bows on packaging and although glue is ok to hold them together while you are making them, I don’t trust it to survive the journey as the synthetic ribbon seems to want to return to a flat shape and not hold the knot. A stitch or two in a place where it can’t be seen makes the whole thing much stronger.

Sam x


The Impex Fabric Glue is very good and very, very strong. I’ve been using it for years as an added safeguard before stitching embellishments.

Love the bow in your picture, looks beautiful.


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by the way I didnt make the bow ! it was just to show you the style of bow I was making!
I have ordered the impex glue and see how I get on with it


Well I have ordered the impex glue and its working well but how do you stop the nozzle from blocking! I put a pin in it but glue is coming out brown so I have to waste glue squeezzing it till it is white again!

This is what we have in ours

its a dressmakers pin wedged as far into the rubber cap as it will go and the pin goes into the nozzle and the rubber cap goes over the edge. Having not used the glue in months (possibly years) and its been stored on its side I squeezed a bit out fearing the worst but it was white and runny straight away. Does your pin look rusty as that might cause the brown.

the pin has a round head so doesnt disappear into nozzle and yes pin could have been a bit rusty. I put a brand new one in but still brown maybe its reacting with the glue or maybe the nozzle still has some of the brown stufff inside it? Then I thought about a cocktail stick but its too thick and it might break off