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Glue gun advice

(Roz) #1

Has anyone found a glue gun that doesn’t leak out copious amounts of glue when not in use. I think I have more waste glue than I use on my projects! I have only ever had this one glue gun so maybe I am just unlucky but before I invest in another one I just wondered if anyone has any advice as to which one to go for.

Maybe I could sell this to the Tate Modern!

(Donna) #2

I’ve got a Pattex one, I think it came from screwfix and although it’s quite old and leaks a little bit it’s not quite as bad as yours seems to be lol
Donna x

(Pauline Hayward) #3

I’m sure mine hasn’t leaked out that much in the 18 years I’ve had it. I bought mine when we lived in Germany and it’s certainly paid for itself. I bought myself a little one last year when I was doing workshops but its no way as good as the big one. I don’t think they make them as good anymore.

(Diane Burton) #4

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread as mine leaks quite a bit so I tend to avoid using it on my cards unless the embellishments are too heavy for normal glue (my son tends to use it more than me when he’s making his Warhammer models) I got mine at Hobbycraft and must admit it wasn’t very expensive so I’m tempted to just give it to my son and try another brand (I’ve seen a rather nice cordless one used by card makers on Create & Craft :slight_smile: )

(Peonyandthistle) #5

I’ve been thinking of getting a glue gun too so will be interested to hear what everyone recommends!

(Bizzy Liz) #6

Hi, I recently bought a Rapid Point mini glue gun, (Amazon) which is good for gluing little things and getting into small areas, but doesn’t heat up quickly enough if you’re doing a lot of gluing. It also doesn’t leak too badly!

(Pauline Hayward) #7

I’ve had a look at the one you’ve bought @BizzyLiz and I like the look of that one. Mine has seen better days but like I said earlier I have had it for about 18 years, so I have had my monies worth. The stand doesn’t stay up very well because its so clogged up with glue.

(Bizzy Liz) #8

Hi Pauline, I should have added that the stand isn’t very good on the Rapid one, I think it’s a common problem with mini glue guns, but you can take the mains lead off (which is what makes it unstable) and use it cordless for a few minutes, which is sometimes useful.

(Bojanglies) #9

I have a mini one (it was about £5) it doesn’t leak at all.
It also doesn’t much like pumping glue through when you press the trigger, so I’m not sure how helpful that will be :wink:

(Pauline Hayward) #10

I shall probably only use it for very delicate things which isn’t that often but I like the idea of the thin long nozzle. It’s a pitty they don’t make UHU glue with that type of nozzle too.