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Going full time ! eeekkkkk

(Robyn Mc Clean) #1

so I have finally taken the plunge and going full time with DOWN WITH THE KIDS. I just wondered how everyone else has found it? any tips ? I seem to be getting bogged down with the best way to advertise ,I find twitter and facebook good! but have had some sorry tales from local craft events/stalls. its all very exciting and scary and just wondered what experience everyone else has had?

(Helen Dale) #2

Good luck! I still have a day job, so can’t offer any advice I’m afraid. But I wish you all the best.

(Brenda Cumming) #3

I have earned my living from making and selling since the 1970’s…best thing I ever did.
Times have been tough but I could choose my own hours, my own way of working and no one to tell me when I could have a teabreak…
Good luck…hopefully the best life decision you will ever make.

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(Sara Leigh Thornton) #4

I’ve been doing this full time for a couple of years now - it’s hard work, but far nicer than working for someone else! Thank heavens for Working Tax Credits though - am not making enough profit to live on yet, but it’s getting better each year :smile:

Good luck :smiley:

(Robyn Mc Clean) #5

thank you all for the encouragement, I have been juggling two jobs for a few years now and realised I was holding back as I didn’t want to let anyone down. new website is being launched in a week or so. money is always a worry but god bless tax credits ! and dare I say it but im already having to plan towards Christmas ! …would be wonderful if I could finally make a full time career out of what I love

(Deborah Jones) #6

I find having a variety of outlets essential , sale or return or wholesale to shops, carefully chosen craft fairs and on-line shops. They all seem to do well at different times of year.
I also do a day a week (or two) doing commission work for a London company - it can be annoying when I am really busy with my own work, but it is a bit of a safety net . Many self employed artists/crafts people I know do a day a week either teaching or they run courses to help take the pressure off a bit.

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(Diane Mc Kechnie) #7

just had a peek at your shop, beautiful stuff, I’m certain you will do well
Good luck!

(Yvette ) #8

Same here Deborah - would love my crafts to be my only work, but for a safety net i work part time in a shop.

(Robyn Mc Clean) #9

i have been looking after 2 little girls for 4 years for 3 days a week so will probably do the odd day nannying / school pick ups as a safety net relieves some of the stress. plus the little people help with my designs. I just thought if I don’t try it now I may regret it in the future. it definitely is a tad scary ! and I have a day of tidying my sewing room and doing my books to look forward to !
it very reassuring knowing other people have succeeded at it . x

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(Brenda Cumming) #10

I am envious…never had any working tax credits for all the years I struggled to make and sell…you are sooooo lucky to get that help…

(Robyn Mc Clean) #11

they are a massive help , it would be amazing to be making enough to not need them and do it solely on my own. just received an email and the website is launching this weekend, all systems go ladies ! x

(Helen Clifford) #12

Very good luck, Robyn! I love your designs,they deserve to sell well.

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(Robyn Mc Clean) #13

thank you , i hope so! it would be nice to get my life back a bit, i adore the girls i nanny but i work for free lodgings and then do the clothing every other hour spare. i have a very patient boyfriend.
i love folksy there are so many gorgeous things to buy on here! i have a lot of things on the christmas list already and its only july !

(Emma Rogerson) #14

I work part time in a preschool too but just wanted to wish you lots of luck. Hope it goes well for you :smile:
Emma x

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(Sarah Pinney) #15

I’m doing the same as you Robyn and going full-time with my sewing. I have just two more weeks in my current job then that’s it - agggghhhh! Hugely scary as I have held my current teaching post for 15 years so I think the hardest thing was making that final decision and handing my notice in. It is just me and my dog - no supportive partner to help pay the mortgage, although my family are incredibly supportive and have guaranteed plenty of free hot meals if times get tough. It is hugely exciting too, and like you I will be working very hard over the coming months to make my dreams a reality.
Wishing you the best of luck and every success, Sarah x

(Robyn Mc Clean) #16

it really is a mix of emotions ! my partner is also self employed so we are both a little scared . its the not knowing ! ( we have ducks so least we can survive on eggs! i gave 2 months notice and it is flying by . i thought now would be a good time as it starts to get busy and i can throw myself into preparing for the christmas rush. heres to the both of us working till the early hours and surviving on coffee! i hope all goes well and feel free to throw some success tips my way! x

(Robyn Mc Clean) #17

just had a look at your folksy @northfieldprimitives i often see your products on here and eye them up , they are beautiful

(Mysteryentry) #18

Good luck, hope it goes well for you! If you’re passionate in what you do, then that should show through the work you do, it will be tough, but very rewarding, i’m sure you know anyway, but mistakes are a good thing, and you just have to keep pushing through!
That’s how anyone whose successful ever makes it,

(Angela R Connah) #19

I took the plunge and gave up the day job in 2012 and have never looked back! I work much harder now than I ever did but I enjoy it so much more and am much happier, I actually look forward to going to work now.
The items in your shop are lovely (I especially like the dancing mouse dress) I’m sure you’ll do well - good luck :smile:


(Robyn Mc Clean) #20

Wow id love it if that was the case for me, its a dream being able to make your living doing what you love. I have only just launched my new website. would love to know what you all think?