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Good Friday Morning 7/8

(Kelly) #1

I’ve got the rest of the packing to get done now today, I’m not looking forward to it as much as I can’t wait to move which will be tomorrow. I feel too stiff this morning, some WD40 would probably go down a treat lol. :laughing:

Hope you all have a lovely day whatever you’re doing. I’ll check in later when I’m on a break! My work space will be the last place to pack, I can’t bare it. x :wave:

(Kam) #2

Good morning Kelly @tagpress! I hope the packing goes smoothly for you and the move goes well tomorrow too! It must be so hard moving your life into boxes! My little one is just having a strop because I’ve moved her away from my pop up work space! Oh the joys!
Today I am going to start getting designs done for a craft fair I’m doing at the end of the month :smiley: x

(Kelly) #3

Morning Kam @handsandfeetdesigns, thank you! Babies are so sweet but I bet she’d have fun with you’re supplies if you allowed her to lol! Good luck with the craft fair. x

(Kam) #4

Lol! She totally would - she’s awesome and very curious (like most babbas I guess!) Thankfully she is over her strop now! I hope this craft fair is busy - I haven’t had much success with the previous few I’ve done so far!

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(Roz) #5

I"ve got my baby coming home for a few days today but she is 19! I don’t think there will be any more serious crafting from here until well into next week now but I will probably dabble with odd bits and pieces and I have a craft fair on Sunday.

Just having a bit of a tidy up before I have to go and get her. Had to laugh this morning when I was feeding one of my dogs. He gets very excited at meal times and I try and make him lie down and wait for a while after I have put his bowl down before he can eat. This morning he was somewhat over eager and dived into the bowl as soon as it hit the floor and I immediately said “lie down” in a very cross voice. Not only did he lie down but he very guiltily spat out all the pieces of kibble he had managed to snatch in advance!

Good luck with the packing and moving Kelly @tagpress. I often say I would like to move out of this house and then move back in so that I can get rid of all the rubbish! Never mind - in my grand plan I will be moving sometime towards the end of next year so not too long to wait.

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(Donna) #6

Good morning all,
Kelly @tagpress gah my iPhone keeps correcting your name to Jelly!!! Anyhow I hope the packing goes well.
Kam @handsandfeetdesigns your name was corrected to Jam, I think my phone may be hungry lol Maybe you could make your little one a craft box full of big bits of felt and so on so she can “help” Mummy :smiley:
I’m still waiting for a delivery of supplies this morning. Some couriers just can seem to find my house. It’s called the chapel, it looks like a chapel and there are only two houses in our post code. But still they can’t find it. I’ll have to go and stand in the road with a big arrow lol
On top of that my OH seems to have turned into a Stark. Every morning this week, on his way to work, he has said gloomily “winter is coming” I have to admit though it is a little chilly at 6am :frowning:
Right I’m off to keep an eye out for my delivery. I hope you all have a productive day.
Donna x

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(Maureen Laurenson) #7

Good luck with the packing Kelly @tagpress. I hope it all goes well. It will all be worth it when you are settled into your new place. Wishing you all the best. Maureen x

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(Hobbitgirlie1880) #8

Morning all.

Roz @Rozcraftz your doggy tail made me laugh as I was drinking my tea. Well tea and nose don’t like me. Hahaha :smiley:

Hope your parcel turns up Donna @RedDragonDesigns. I always get a nock from my neighbour opsite me with packages they post through her door for me.
It’s silly I have great big numbers on my door so don’t see how they get them so muddled.

Kelly @tagpress hope the packing goes well. It can be so tedious and abit sad. Saying buy to your old house. But once your in the new place it lovely.
It’s funny we had loads of work done on our flat last year new kitchen, bathroom, boiler and carpet so we packed nearly all our belongings up into boxes and into our storage cupboard in the hall. Well it’s all still there a year later.
I told my OH that we should get rid of some of it seen as we haven’t used it in a year.
So looks like I’ll be trying to do a Carboot sale before we move.
But at least we are already packed :smiley:
I’m spending the next few days getting my flat tidy for a viewing that is happening on Sunday. eek.
So looks like I could be moving very soon if he likes the place. Fingers crossed.
Talk to you all later.

(Kam) #9

That’s a great idea Donna @RedDragonDesigns! She has a drawer in the kitchen with her bits so I’m sure she’d love that too - and taking lids on and off…hmmm, I think this is what my day is going to consist of…I hope the delivery people find you!

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(Liz Clark) #10

Good luck with the final packing and moving Kelly @tagpress. We moved last October and I was exhausted mentally and physically afterwards!

Donna @RedDragonDesigns, I am the same as your OH! I love spring and summer, but really hate the cold and wet and shorter daylight hours of winter. Also thinking of seasonal winter makes for the shop after this weeks #folksyhour chat. Feel like we haven’t had a proper summer yet LOL!

Today the kids and I are off to the local park to take part in the Big Butterfly Count. I love nature so this is right up my street. Hopefully the kids will enjoy it too - if not there is always Frisbee afterwards :smile:

(Rhiannon Rose) #11

Morning everyone,
I feel old and tired this morning! We go back to school one month today, and I’m sure that’s what’s got me down: it’s a time to take stock of what I’ve done (not enough) and where I want to be (seems unachievable right now). Gloom, gloom, gloom.

(Tina Martin) #12

Hi everyone, @tagpress, hope packing goes ok, we’ve got to move everything from the living and dining room soon for new flooring, that’s bad enough, so hope the moves goes well!
@Rozcraftz my baby who’s 19 is out on a driving lesson at the moment, so I’m busy trying to get so printing done. Still she’s off to Uni in Sept, so I guess I’ll of lots of time then.
Hope all of you have a great Friday and weekend!

Tina :slight_smile:

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(Kelly) #13

Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. :wink: Still a lot to do but I’m taking a break for half an hour so I thought I’d come to play catch up in here with a nice cup of coffee! It’s quiet, not as many posts as I thought they’d be, I hope you’re all being good! :grin:

Donna @RedDragonDesigns, that’s hilarious! Imagine it standing in the middle of a road holding an arrow lol. :laughing:

OH has gone to hire the van but I don’t expect him home until tea time, not that I’m complaining! :smile:

Had my Son on earlier. He lives in Anglesey, Wales still as he didn’t move with us but he’s 18 and a half. I paid his train fare here since he was coming to help us with the move so I transferred £50.00 into his bank account yesterday and he got to the train station for 8pm but his Dad went to meet him to bring him back from Crewe. Anyway, he was talking about going home on Monday so I said quite seriously, you won’t be going back home. He looked at me wondering whether I was joking. I said, £50 to get my Son back, well worth it. I didn’t tell you that but you fell for it hook, line and sinker lol. He actually thought I was serious. :laughing: Bless him. x

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(Sasha Garrett) #14

@tagpress What’s your definition of good? I always tell my other half I’m as good as he deserves.

All these tales of parents getting their kids to come home has reminded of what my father always said when I was growing up - he only want 2 things from his daughters for us to be happy and leave home and he wasn’t to bothered about the first one. I think he made his feelings clear about having to pick me up from Uni (or anywhere else) when he took me home via the aerobatics airfield where the plane (and parachutes) was waiting for us. I now make my parents come to me (they live in Bath, I’m in Cambridge).

Since my plus account runs out soon I better get back to updating and renewing my listings.

(Kelly) #15

I’d have to agree with you on that one Sasha @SashaGarrett. We’re around still and that’s all that matters lol. x :laughing:

(Sasha Garrett) #16

Only 98 listings left to go… so glad my amazon order turned up today to provide a sound track. (has your delivery turned up yet Donna @RedDragonDesigns?)

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(Kelly) #17

What CD did you buy Sasha @SashaGarrett? x

(Sasha Garrett) #18

@tagpress they had an offer on so I took advantage…
Glow by Tensnake
Goddess by Banks
Different sides of the sun by Hot Natured
Born in the Echos by the chemical brothers
LP1 by FKA twigs
Wildheart by Miguel
Good kid, maad city by kendrick lamar

(Donna) #19

It did Sasha, at lunchtime! I have been working like crazy to catch up on all my orders :smiley: it took nearly 2 weeks for it to eventually get here so I completely ran out of empty lip balm containers! I’m just lucky that my customers have all been very understanding. :slight_smile:
I have just sat down to watch Eastenders in bed whilst OH watches the football downstairs :slight_smile:

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(Kelly) #20

That’s good then Sasha @SashaGarrett. I haven’t heard of Miguel? I’ll have to search that when I’m back online. x