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Happy Tuesday Morning 28/7

Morning everyone,
I feel like been thrown into a game of rugby, I’m aching all over lol. :laughing: Miserable isn’t the word for the weather here today, it’s absolutely dreadful and the heavens will open at some point.

I have an order to make this morning and then hopefully I will manage to make a few new things.

Has you’re Daughter had to go back to Bangor now Donna @RedDragonDesigns? I hope everything goes okay for her.

Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880, did you manage to get your cleaning all done?

I need to go and play catch up in this place while I drink my coffee, I missed a lot yesterday while I was gone. x

Good morning. Well I had a productive afternoon/evening yesterday and managed to make up 3 new scarves (listings to follow!). This morning I woke up to my dog wanting a cuddle so I obliged for a while

I have 16 things on my to do list today, and thats not including crafting/promoting. Mainly associated with housework :frowning:

Best get on…

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Awww cute dog Roz @Rozcraftz. Can’t wait to see you’re new scarves, you did well yesterday!

Hope you manage to get you’re jobs done around the house so you have some time left for crafting. x :smile:

Well I’ve finally caught up, yay! Off to complete this order. x

Good morning all,

oh no! @tagpress - ‘aching all over’ - sincerely hope its not the 'flu !? I hope you have a nice and productive day anyway … :smiley:

enjoy your cuddles with the dog @Rozcraftz - very cute

Better get on …

Yes Kelly @tagpress She had to go back in by 10pm yesterday. Just waiting to hear if she’s going to need another op.

Morning all.
Big hugs Donna @RedDragonDesigns hope your daughter gets better and sorted soon.

Kelly @tagpress yep I got my tidying done.
And my trip into town with my sister was a nightmare.
I didn’t get what I needed so I have to go back today to get some trousers.
I had two pairs break last week. eek :-/
Do you still feel achy Kelly @tagpress

I have finally managed to list a new pair of earrings

My other half is off work today’s going to have lunch with him then go get trousers yay.

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I think this spell of damp, wet weather doesn’t help Kelly @tagpress I felt rotten yesterday and ached too.
Hope your feeling better soon.

Aww lovely picture Roz @Rozcraftz

Sending Big Hugs Donna @ShropshireNaturalProducts

Have fun trouser shopping Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880

I spent a lot of time promoting yesterday so didn’t really have much time for new makes. It’s such a tricky juggling act isn’t it.

Right I’m off to wash the dishes and make a lime jelly for my daughter using lemonade not water to make it fizzy :smiley:

Then off to the supermarket to get something nice for tea.

Catch u later


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Crazy day, had to pick up my boy from nursery to go with him to pediatrician (referal from speach therapy girl), was raining cats and dogs if I can use this expression…Now he’s back in nursery and I’m trying to dry my clothes :slight_smile: Homemade pizza for dinner today :slight_smile: Plus looking for some good deals on beads - need to buy new before start to make new items… Honestly I’m soooo lazy with it, with this lazyiness I’ll make no money from my crafting :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve just got back from the gym to discover that my student daughter is awake before midday! This means I may be able to get on with today’s plan to get her to show me how to load pictures from my phone to my computer, which will probably come in useful, but I haven’t worked out how yet!

Get well soon to your daughter Donna.
Roz…your dog is soooooo cute…even I want to cuddle him/her…miss my dog…so now I have to cuddle everyone else’s.
The sun has now appeared over the sea but it is still very windy…
time for painting I think.

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Awww, I hope she doesn’t have to have more surgery Donna @RedDragonDesigns, it’s too much for anyone, let alone a youngster. I’ll be keeping her in my thoughts. x

Sarah @sejleather, funnily enough I was sneezing last night a few times, I hope I don’t get the flu! My muscles are just throbbing but I’m not letting it stop me from making anything today!

That’s nice of your OH to go shopping with you Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880, hope you find some lovely pants you feel comfortable in. You’re new earrings are lovely! Just had a sneaky peek! :grin:

You wouldn’t think promoting etc would take up so much time Karen @karenscraftybitz but it does. It’s worth it though! Hope you’re Daughter enjoys her fizzy lime jelly!

Monika @TobisiasLilThing you make me laugh! I think you should get down to some serious jewellery making! You probably don’t even need any new beads and since you always say you’re lazy with it, perhaps you’re more of a ‘bead collector’ than anything lol. :laughing:

Hope you manage to crack transferring you’re photos from phone to computer Rhiannon @RhiannonRoseJewellery.

You’re paintings are beautiful Brenda @teabreaks, I love you’re winter snow scene. x

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Lunch break. Crossed 8 things off my list and added 3 more but making progress. Done the easy jobs first.

The dog in the photo is getting on a bit and sleeps in the kitchen as she is very restless during the night and is unable to jump on and off the bed unaided so can become a bit of a nuisance. My other dog stays with me at night but gets very nervous if I lift her onto the bed in the morning as he is the submissive one. Its quite funny to watch.

Student daughters awake before midday Rhiannon @RhiannonRoseJewellery - unheard of, are you sure she is OK!

After my non bead order yesterday today I have had another disappointment. I ordered some fabric which was clearly listed as a roll of 5m in the description only to receive only 1m. When I contacted the seller she said it was a mistake in the listing - I thought it was cheap but not overly so. In fairness she did offer a refund if I returned it but I decided to just put it down to experience.

Right off we go again!

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Well it smells like the Ribena factory in my kitchen, the blackcurrant bushes were striped, and we are now in mass production of jam and cordial, the rest have gone in the freeze ready for the winter to make apple and blackcurrant crumbles and pies.
Tomorrow it is the turn of the redcurrants.
Teenagers have their uses @RhiannonRoseJewellery, just their body clocks work in a completely different time zone to ours, I am always have to ask mine how to do things, and yes up loading pictures from my phone to my folksy listings is one of them, still have to be reminded, which causes many an eye to be rolled!!
Kim @KBCreations your skirt is brilliant my daughter still loves that style as they are soooo easy to pull on and she is 14
Must go and bring the washing in,
Suzzie x

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I am envious @thistledownandHOPE, blackcurrants are one of my favourites, and as for blackcurrant jam, wow, love it!

I think you right Kelly @tagpress, just not enough motivation :slight_smile: And this weather… raining and raining… not helping with moods at all :slight_smile: Maybe when my son decided about his afternoon nap and I finish some house works I start to play with beads :slight_smile: Not sure what to make yet, but making something is better them doing nothing :slight_smile:

We love them sooooo much too @RhiannonRoseJewellery , I have 3 normal bushes and then a few years ago I saw a dessert blackcurrant bush advertised, and thought, why not, so now we can scrumpy them in the fruit cage as well, I have never eaten sun warmed sweet blackcurrants before, totally wonderful.

I do believe thats hail thats pelting down!

A bit late to the thread today…I have been at work this morning, then had to walk in to town to post off a parcel for hubby…he sold something on ebay.
Not raining here…yet…but grey, and so cold.
Just had a sandwich and now feel more like a nap than doing anything productive!!

The Blackcurrant jam and cordial sounds good @thistledownandHOPE

I really must get off this sofa and do something…

Blackcurrants hmmmm I like jam, but not fresh fruits, I have 2 redcurrant bushes in my garden :slight_smile: