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Happy Wednesday Morning 29/7

(Kelly) #1

I fell asleep last night as soon as I went to bed and now I’m awake at silly a.m. I do feel a bit better than I did yesterday so that’s a bonus.

I’ve poured myself a nice cup of Kenco while I read the forum and I’m going to start working early since I missed out yesterday.

4.30am now, wake up ladies. x :laughing:

(So Sew Megan) #2

Hope you continue to feel better Kelly @tagpress. Didn’t make it here yesterday but just want to say your tags are LOVELY and will make perfect labels. Will take a pic of some items priced later and post it on the forums and Twitter so everyone can see.
Have clinic the morning, not sure what to expect but hoping for some good news.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #3

Seize the day Kelly @tagpress
I thought I got up early. But remember to have a snoozelet this afternoon as it helps get your body clock back on track.
Yesterday we made wonderful blackcurrant cordial, last night I had to turn the Aga off again as the service engineer has left it with a fault! Arghhhhh So no domestic goddessing today. What to do with all the fruit from the 'lottie?
Guess its a knitting day, hurrah.
Folksy hour was brilliant last night, so will also go check out the blogs they recommended reading. Already a full day ahead and it’s just gone cuppa tea time!
Speak later, Suzzie x

(Roz) #4

Morning Kelly @tagpress. Back to work for me this morning which is just as well as I am fast running out of money and don’t get paid unless I work. Unfortunately I just don’t have enough work available to me at the moment to fund my lifestyle, which is a long way from extravagant, so am looking into getting another part time job.

Good news is that after just over a week my neck seems to be on the mend and only hurts a little when I move it now.

See you all later

(Kelly) #5

Thanks ever so much Megan, @SoSewMegan I’m glad you liked them and that they arrived safely. :wink: Looking forward to seeing the photo! I hope you receive good news & i’ll be thinking of you! x

I’ll take a nap later Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE. The fruit sounds lovely, there’s so many things you can make with it!

I had planned on joining in Folksy hour last night but I didn’t feel up to sitting at the computer. I’ll be there for the next one if I’m able to. I have a few more properties to check out, I just want to move now.

So happy you have a knitting day ahead of you! Can’t wait to see the photos of you’re new creation. Any ideas what you’re going to make? x

(Kelly) #6

Morning Roz @Rozcraftz, hoping you have an easy day at work, the time has just disappeared since you said you’d finished and had days off!

I’m glad you’re neck is feeling better than it was. x

(Roz) #7

Yes Kelly @tagpress but in a about a weeks time I’m off again for another week - planned this time rather than enforced due to lack of work. :smile:

(Kelly) #8

That’s great Roz @Rozcraftz. Hope you’re able to raise you’re bank balance this week! x

(Suzzie Godfrey) #9

Kelly @tagpress all my ideas get scribbled into my little gold 'bright ideas ’ book. I am quite excited about the new creations, but they are still at the knit / unpick stage, so still unsure just what the end product will be! But it was you who inspired me to make coordinating hotties and hangers so watch this space!
How many more houses are you looking at? What a daunting task, looking for a home. We have lived here for 11 years and I knew as soon as I saw it, it was home. Good hunting, go with your gut feeling, your dream is out there.
Suzzie x

(Rhiannon Rose) #10

Morning everyone!
Roz @Rozcraftz I know exactly how that works - I’ve been working as a supply teacher, so no pay for 6 weeks! No more work until September, which is why I’m trying to create and promote like crazy. I woke up to a sale on the other site, which is a pleasant surprise. Right now I’m looking forward with trepidation to my first pilates class after my daughter described it as “yoga with sit-ups”. I hope she’s wrong, but I’m determined to get fit this year.

(Kelly) #11

Thanks Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE. I’ve got 4 lined up although none of them are in Wales where I originally wanted to go back to however, one is in the lake district and it’s gorgeous! That’s the one I have my heart set on but I won’t hear back now until Wednesday next week! Fingers crossed.

I think the hotties & hangers would be lovely matching Suzzie and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. x

(Amberlilly) #12

Morning all! Received a text from my sis in law wishing us a happy anniversary! We forgot this morning, hubby went off to work before I got up! How hopeless are we! 26 years! Haha!! Curry tonight to celebrate. X

(Suzzie Godfrey) #13

Where are you moving from Kelly @tagpress and where are the other ones? But fingers crossed for next wednesday, oh how I would hate that wait, rather like A level results!!
If its any consolation @Amberlilly the only way we remember our anniversary is when we get a card from the out-laws, and it’ll be 24 years, as you say a curry night always improves the matter, but at least you both forget, so I think its forgivable, do you get a little mint with the curry?
Distraught daughter just returned from allotment with live guinea pig!! She had left it down there all night. 1st world problems all sorted !!
Suzzie x

(Kim Blythe) #14

Good morning…off to work until 1 so will catch up when I get back!


(Hobbitgirlie1880) #15

Hello all.
Hope you are okay
Kelly @tagpress hope the house hunting goes well. me and the OH have been looking for a flat to rent for afew months.
I have to have certain aids around the house due to my arthritis so we are finding it abit of a chore.
Most of the flats we have seen are above 2nd floor and no lift. It’s crazy.
But I’m sure we will find something.

I’m not upto much today. my friend is bugging me to go over her house but OH is off again today so want to spend it with him.
But she keeps sending me sad faces in txt.

We shall see.
Be back later.

(Kelly) #16

Happy Anniversary @Amberlilly and enjoy tonight’s curry!

I’ll be moving from Stoke-on-Trent Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE. The other houses are scattered around, I know one’s in Yorkshire and I can’t even remember where the other 2 are I’ve looked at that many over the last weeks!

Glad you have the guinea pig back, poor thing lol. x

(CopperTobi) #17

Hello Ladies!

Unfortunately I didn’t make any new things yesterday… just checked my boxes and found some old makes I decided that is time to make something different from them.
So I was busy today morning with damaging old stuff, recycling beads used on it and making new things :slight_smile: Now time for making photos and then listing them :slight_smile:

Happy anniversary @Amberlilly !!!

(Karen Ellam) #18

Hellllloooooooo :smiley:

We have sunshine today… Yes sunshine. I can’t believe it. I’ve got a huge basket of washing ready to be pegged out.
There are a few clouds lurking though so watch this space :wink:
I’ve just had a lovely cuppa and a nice breakfast whilst I sorted paperwork.
My daughter is still in bed. I think she’s having a lazy day :smile:

On the agenda today is to finally get cracking on whipping up some bead and charm packs.
First I’ve got a new listing to add, but the promotion may have to wait. It’s so hard getting this promotion and creating thing balanced.

Also I get distracted by the tiniest of things so today’s goal is to stay totally focused.

Right…(breathes deeply)
Time to crack the whip lol

Have a great day whatever your upto


Oops nearly forgot… Happy anniversary @Amberlilly :beers:

(CopperTobi) #19

Just added 3 bracelets to my shop offer :slight_smile: Other pieces I’ll try to add later, time to finish my coffee and go to pick up little one from nursery :slight_smile: Have a nice day Ladies!

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #20

Happy anniversary @Amberlilly hope you have a brilliant day.

I’m loving your new bracelets @TobisiasLilThing so pretty. I’m learning wire working at the moment but I’m not doing very well.

I have managed to convince my friend that I need to stay at home :slight_smile:
So I’ll be back later with a new set.