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Good photos SELL ! Share you fab examples with us

For newer sellers or those struggling to improve engagement and sales a key piece of advice given is ‘improve your photos ‘
I thought it might be useful to bring together some examples?
So pleased share what you think is a good example from your shop and why - it might be one that gets the most views, it might be one that gets a lot of feedback on social media , the one with the highest sales or it might be simply that you love it the most , it’s up to you !

I like this one - I made it for a family member, it looks particularly good lit up and it reminds me of summer.


I think this is a good photo. It has been sold as well.
I don’t get my dogs to model them as many are one offs.

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This is a best seller so I guess this photo works :slight_smile:


That is a lovely photo (and product too!). Is the card square? I struggle to fit my rectangular pictures in a square thumbnail. Any hints or tips anyone?

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Very pretty

I have been reading the photo guides and have spent a couple of hours today updating most of the items in my shop with new photos. Instead of a close-up for the thumbnail I have taken the photo as though the picture was on a shelf/table with some beach glass and pebbles for added interest. What does anyone think?

I have just this weekend re-opened my shop after a long spell of bad health,& not just my health, but family health(including my cat lol).I invested in a small photo light cube & re photographed everything i have made so far.I have got to say it has made a huge difference in how my jewellery looks.
I got the cube off ebay & was less than £10,so my advise would be to give one a try.For not a lot of money its worth it.
Let me know what you all think.

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Lovely sharp images! And jewellery is so hard to photograph good work :+1:Might have to try that with my smaller items.
I noticed some of your thumbnail images are cropped , basically a bit around the edges of your photo Is lost when those are displayed. If you want you avoid that you need to leave a bit more space when editing your photos , so don’t crop too tightly into your item. :wink:

Re: rectangular into square, I consider this when I take the picture. Some cameras let you add grid lines to the screen, which helps you think about what it will look like when cropped. Zooming out just that little bit helps too. It sometimes means you can crop the original for other shapes/orientations afterwards too, which is helpful for promotional material etc :slightly_smiling_face:


I noticed that the Section header photo is cropped even more - my lampshade are cropped on those but editing to make main image work with that degree of crop compromises the main image too much. So I let that slide! - and just try and make sure my main listing image gives a reasonable thumbnail image. :slight_smile:

thank you witty dawn…and i see what you mean about the thumbnails being cropped too much…still learning when it comes to a computer lol…i will go back and sort them out,thank you for the advise…

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unfortunately i only have my phone to take photos…so no grids lol…i do take my pics further out and at least 3 of the same pic so i can crop closer images aswell…just didnt know about how thumbnails worked…i will go back and sort them out…thank you for the advise…

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are you talking about the top photo on my shop?..if it is that one,my daughter did that for me from a stock photo,thats why it is only the hands showing…i do intend to change the pic at sometime for my on photo tho…

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Would really like feedback on my photos please

Hi ya, what type of phone are you using? Some do have options in the settings to add grid lines. Cheers Lou

Fits a Sony Xperia…

Hi ya,

Hopefully this link should help!

Cheers Lou

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thanks louise.i will take a look at that…

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Stained Glass Sun Catcher Flower with decorative wire and crystals


Hi, I like this pic, I got some sample bits of fake wood wallpaper from wilkinsons, great for background, and I like a bit of natural branches in there. I tried to make this a bit seaside themed with the stripy pot. I take pics on my phone and edit in snapseed app, I edit them all to square shape as I use instagram alot too x