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Good Tuesday Morning

(Kelly) #1

The skies are so dark and gloomy this morning and it’s had a bit of a rain. I’m just thankful I don’t have to go anywhere!

I have no cleaning to do so i’ll spend the day in my work space I think! Does anyone else plan on having a creative day today?

Suzzie I read your post in yesterdays topic, I laughed because an old song popped into my head, remember the song by The Shamens, Move any mountain? LOL!

Glad you managed to shift it!!

Have a nice day everyone. x :wink:

(Karen Ellam) #2

Morning Kelly

Dark & gloomy here too. :umbrella:

Oh crikey that tune is a blast from the past. Haven’t heard that one in yonks :wink:

I’m hoping to list something new later, but I don’t think I will get time today to get creative and make new things.

Have a lovely day


(Kelly) #3

Morning Karen,
I haven’t heard it for years myself and I’m not sure it’s something I would want to listen to now as I’m much, much older!

Hope you manage to list your new item. I already have your shop added to my favourites anyway so i’ll pop by this evening and have a look. :wink:

Enjoy your day! K x

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(Karen Ellam) #4

Aww thanks Kelly. I’ve added you to my favourites too as your tags are super dee dooper :smiley:

(Kelly) #5

Thanks sweetie x @karenscraftybitz

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