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Good Wednesday Morning

It will be for me later, at the moment I feel like I have an hangover?? I wouldn’t mind, it’s very rare I drink and the last time I did was 2 years ago!

Who’s having a day of creativity? I’m planning to if I can eventually focus with my eyes lol. This feeling is absolutely rotten, it’s the reason I don’t drink! I can’t hack an hangover!

Wishing you all a lovely day and please post any new pretties you make! x

Good morning to you Kelly. Hope your ‘hangover’ goes away very soon for you so you can get creating. I’m stuck in an office all day, but tonight I’m hoping to complete my latest cross stitch project of a black and white cat walking through primroses. I’ll post a pic on the art thread when I’m done :smile:

Morning Margaret @Louisa15,
Thank you! I’m starting to feel a bit normal now I’ve had a cup of coffee but I’m not 100%. I have a few orders to make this morning and some new items which I’m hoping to list sometime later.

You’re new cross stitch piece sounds lovely Margaret, I can’t wait to see it! I’ll check the forum for it later on this evening. Have a nice day (even though you’re in the office) lol. x

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(I’ll type quietly in case you are still feeling delicate…)
Good Morning,
Not sure I’ve ever drunk enough to have a hang over - I normally fall asleep before I’ve consumed enough, had to be woken up at several new year’s parties for the count down or at closing time of the pub to go home (OH never carries me home asleep which would be far easier for me). Drink plenty of water and I’m sure you’ll feel better soon.
I’ve just had a client meeting where she was choosing some pieces of fordite to go in cufflinks for her hubby as an anniversary present - going to take me a couple of days on and off to make so hopefully a photo for you next week. I’m off to see another client this afternoon to make sure the ring fits before I solder the setting on and then set the stone (I prefer making sure it fits before I set stones rather than after so that I can’t damage the stone during any resizing if required). Its malachite set in gold - probably won’t be ready until next week either as I have a weekend of having an ‘open studio’ to do (and hopefully sell lots of pieces and get some more commissions).
Don’t craft to hard.

Good morning.
Bad head is never good Kelly @tagpress. I’m t-total now haven’t had a drink in 10years It was for my 21st
I don’t really like the taste plus it makes my crohns flare up so no point really.

I’m spending all day crafting and listing. I don’t.feel like going out as I see big black clouds. Eek

Thanks Sasha @SashaGarrett, you made me laugh!

Can’t wait to see the cufflinks, I’m sure the lady will be extremely pleased with them. The ring sounds lovely too, I hope you get more sales!

I really adore this, it’s so pretty and I love the colours! x

Morning Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880, I feel alright now, I don’t know what it was! When I first woke and crawled out of bed, I couldn’t even walk straight! lol. :smile:

Ooh let us know when you’ve listed please, it will give me an excuse to take a break lol.

I’m finished packaging 2 orders so now it’s time to create! x

In theory I should sit and play with beads to make new earrings or decide how to use my new sari silk ribbon pieces… but I’m reading forums here :slight_smile:

I see your beautiful pendant on Folksy’s front page Sasha! x :grin: @SashaGarrett

Glad you feel better. Hate that feeling of yukyness in the morning.

I’m currently trying to find my snips.I put them down yesterday and they have disappeared. Think the other half has pinched them.

In also sort.of.watching the scaffolding out side my flat come down.
My frontroom is slowly getting brighter. Yay.

Might get some decent pictures later. Just hope the clouds go too.

Yay! I like being on the front page. I spotted your tags in the seller newsletter so fingers crossed this will be a boom time for both of us.
I have more of the fordite set and ready to be sold but I’m waiting until after the open studio before I list it in case I sell it there but here is a sneek peak at some that might be appearing in my shop soon…

Its amazing stuff and I just wish I could get hold of more of it but its not very common.


That is beautiful. I bet it sells.

Here’s is my latest bracelet I have just listed it.

Sasha that is gorgeous! :slight_smile:

That’s absolutely stunning Sasha @SashaGarrett. I’d be shocked if you ended up listing it into your shop after the open studio! I don’t blame you for wanting to take it with you! I’d have no clue how to make jewellery, I really admire everyone that does! You’re shop is added to favourites Sasha! x :grin:

I think you should sit down with those beads @TobisiasLilThing, get some new listings into your shop. :wink:

Thanks for that Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880, I’m really happy for you that the scaffolding is being removed, more so for your photos! Hope you find those snips, I hate it when that happens. Can’t wait to see what you make! x

Thank you all for the kind comments - not an awful lot of design work went into this piece with patterns like that you don’t need it. I couldn’t decide which side of that piece was the front so its reversible. Here’s the other side…

I quietly confident that it will sell but the fingers will be crossed anyway.

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That’s gorgeous, both sides are just beautiful! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you Sasha @SashaGarrett but I really don’t think we need to! x

20 mile round trip on the bicycle and I now know that the ring fits and I deserve the bowl of peach cobbler that I’m about to have :smile:

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Hello again.
I finally found my snips. I haven’t listed it yet but made this

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Good job Sasha @SashaGarrett, hope you enjoyed your dessert! x :smile:

I love it Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880, very patriotic! Glad you found those snips. x