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Happy Wednesday Morning

(Kelly) #1

Hope you’re all feeling well & cheery today. I poured myself a beautiful cup of Kenco and it’s sitting smartly on my desk. lol

I’m feeling Christmas this morning, and I think it’s because it feels cold, but not like Autumn cold when the air is crisp!

I may work on some Christmas products to put by until next month but take the photos as I go so I don’t have a ton to do when the time comes.

What’s your plans for today? Wishing you all a lovely day! K x

(Roz) #2

Hi Kelly

I’m just back from a week in Norfolk running a pop up shop, great fun and reasonably profitable. Today will be spent taking photos and listing all (or maybe only some) of the items I made before I went and didn’t sell :smile: Also got to tackle the large pile of washing that my daughter has generated while I’ve been gone!

All good fun

(Donna) #3

Good morning :smiley:
I’ve already been up for hours and have fed my OH and the cats. Watered the greenhouse and put a wash on. Now I’m going to sit down with a nice panad (cup of tea) and relax for 5 mins before getting to work. I have a few custom orders to do and also want to get started on Xmas items :smiley:

(Suzzie Godfrey) #4

Here a mizzle has settled in, and the boys sock mountain (see good morning thread from Monday), is waiting phase two of operation aka, drying! There are still 2 mountains to shift before daughter comes home from a weeks adventure training in Cornwall!
But never letting the daily chores get me down (except toilet cleaning), today I have a good line up! Lemon Curd making, staking the strawberry runners so I can replenish the beds on the Lottie next spring and finish knitting the lavender hottie for the shop whilst dreaming up new coat hanger design.
But before I get started, a nice cuppa coffee.
Suzzie x

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(Suzzie Godfrey) #5

Nice to have you back Roz, where in Norfolk were you, could have popped up to see you and your creations for real. Glad you had a good few days,
Suzzie x

(Kelly) #6

Morning ladies,
Roz @Rozcraftz it’s sounds like you had fun and I’m glad you made some money for yourself! Hope you manage to get your items listed and the washing shifted lol. :smile:

For some reason now, the word ‘washing’ just reminds me of Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE. :grin: I put a wash in myself this morning and thought of you!! Hopefully you’ll get your Son’s finished before you’re Daughter arrives back! I really like the handmade coat hangers! There’s some really beautiful ones inside your Shop Suzzie!

I knew what panad was @RedDragonDesigns and I hope you enjoyed it!! Another lady with Christmas in mind!! I’m looking forward to seeing what you create! :wink:
K x

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(Kelly) #7

Just a quick post to Liz @Emery. I can’t find the post you made about your pinterest, is there any chance you can send me a link so I can follow you please?

And if anyone else has pinterest I will follow you too! Just leave me your info! :wink:

(Donna) #8

I like to get the xmas stuff done early as it’s always such a rush from September onwards :santa:
It’s good to talk to someone who actually knows what a panad is, I get some strange looks here in Shropshire when I offer people one :laughing: or when I ask for sos coch or ask my oh where he’s put his bocs bwyd.
Donna x

(Roz) #9

Suzzie, I was at Dalegate Market at Burnham Deepdale. Great fun :slight_smile: - may well return another time.

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(Kelly) #10

@RedDragonDesigns you make me laugh! :grin:

I only knew what panad was because I lived in Wales and the kids learnt Welsh. Well 2 of them had Welsh class in high school but Molly had to go to Language School in Llangefni for 3 months when we moved there before she could go into primary school. It’s absolutely amazing what they learn, she can speak Welsh very well! I really want to move back there and I’m hoping to this year! I lived on the good ol’ Ynys Môn.

I’m sat here twiddling my thumbs deciding what to make! I’m sure i’ll come up with something. lol :smile:

(Donna) #11

Lol You’ll have to ask the children what I was waffling on about :smiley:

(Kelly) #12

Will do!! @RedDragonDesigns x :grin:

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(Kelly) #13

Well, I didn’t even end up making anything! Had 2 orders so I ended up making those instead but that isn’t a bad thing! I’ll just start new things in a bit instead, not sure what yet!

I’m off to the post office, adios! :wave:

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(Kelly) #14

Donna, @RedDragonDesigns
I shown Molly what you typed and asked her what it means, she said red sauce & the other means lunch box? LOL :grin:
Kelly x

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(Christina Green) #15

Good for you! That sounds exciting, I love Norfolk!

(Liz Emery) #16

Yes that’d be great :smile: I’ve only just had a chance to check messages on here so sorry for the delay!

Here’s a link to my boards (like I said I’ve only just started so not lots going on yet!):

I received your tags today, they’re so cute :smile: , would you mind if I feature them in photos I take of my items packaged? I can put a note in the description with a link to your shop.

(Kelly) #17

Hi Liz @Emery
Don’t worry about about your board, I only registered the same night as you I think and I haven’t even done my settings yet! I’ll get them sorted out in the morning and i’ll be on your board! lol

Glad you’re tags arrived safely and that you like them. :wink: You can use them in your photos whenever you like, you have purchased them afterall. x :grin:

(Donna) #18

Lol that’s right :smiley: they are words we used all the time growing up, I was quite shocked as a child that everyone didn’t :expressionless:
Tell your daughter her cyumraig is da iawn :slight_smile:
Donna x

(Kelly) #19

Will do Donna @RedDragonDesigns
I don’t know how to say it so it’s easier to show her and she can just read it herself. The pronunciation is baffling! lol x

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(Donna) #20

It’s easier if you read it phonetically :slight_smile: I have been told it’s a hard language to learn if you didn’t grow up with it. My grandmother has been trying for the past 50 years or so lol
Where about on Anglesey will you be moving to?