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Hi All

I am trying to install Google Analytics but my understanding and knowledge is very limited.

Can anyone guide me as to how to add the service to my shop so that I can analyse the results?

Any and all assistance would be appreciated.

Hi, go to dashboard and then settings. The third box down the page is the box for you to add your GA code number. Simple as that.
Good luck. I’m a techno dinosaur so don’t really know how to use GA, but other people seem to be able to get loads of interesting data from it.


In case you haven’t started the process at all, when you sign up to Google Analytics you’re looking for a ‘get a tracking code’ link. I think from what I’ve read it might take you through the steps automatically when you sign up for analytics. The code will be something like UA-1234567-1. Then you follow Liz’s instructions to add it to your Folksy shop. It should take around 24 for figures to start appearing on the front page of your Google Analytics dashboard. Give us a shout when that starts happening :smile:


p.s. There are guides around on how to set yourself up but the way analytics did this changed not so long ago, so they may be out of date, that’s why I haven’t linked you into any of them. When I set up GA 3 years ago it was different to now, so I don’t know what the new version process is.

Thank you all so much. It worked!

I love this place…Such lovely and helpful people.

Thanks again,


Well done Leslie. My tip when you first start using GA, is don’t go too complicated too quickly. When you see figures show on that first page of your dashboard this is probably one of the best things to do -

  • Click on the line with your Folksy shop against it and a picture of the earth at the start, and you’ll go into a more detailed screen.
  • If you want to look at one day’s figures, change the date in the drop down menu top right of the page that will be showing you a month’s worth of figures, click on the calender so the dates change to show the same day and click apply
  • On the left hand side in the grey menu (which has it’s own scroll bar next to it which is hidden until you hover over the edge of the grey and the start of the white with your mouse), scroll down to Acquisition, then click All Traffic. You’ll get a breakdown of where all your viewers from that day came from. They’ll be broken down into things like Direct traffic (ones that typed your shop into their search bar, or have your page bookmarked), Referral traffic (ones that clicked a link to your shop, so if you added a link to your shop in a blog post), the rest is pretty self explanatory, Google, Bing, Facebook, CraftJuice etc.

You can even go to the top of the Source column in that chart, and where it says ‘Secondary Dimension’, click on that drop down menu, find Users, then find Country, click on that and it’ll break down all the traffic sources to which country used what.

Very clever, and very useful. You can save the more complicated stuff for when you get more used to it.

Have fun.


Hi all I think I’ve set mine up correct after reading this, I have to wait 24 hours for results I think :slight_smile:

There is a way to filter out your own visits to your shop if you enter your IP address but I’m not sure it works if you use mobile internet as the IP changes.

Help, I’m a complete techo dunce - I’m trying to set up GA - I’ve got as far as registering and have added my ID code, but I’ve then come across what they call the ‘tracking code snippet’ which has to be pasted onto every page that I want to track, how and where do I do this please.

Lynn x

Lynn, have you got the UA ******* code? That’s all you need. Just put that into your Folksy Shop using Liz’s instructions and it will track all your item pages on Folksy for you. It’s covering your whole shop in one go, so anything you list from now on is covered, all your current stock pages are covered. All done :smile:


Hi Jo, many thanks for your help, I’ve added my UA code so hopefully it will now work.
Lynn x

all the best as I never managed to sort mine to set up as it never gave me the code number thingie I required

I love real time on GA you find it on the left hand side then if you press overview on the drop down menu under real time you can see if someone is browsing your shop and where they are on the map! It is quite addictive if you are not careful!
Rosalind x

Golly, this all sounds complicated to me. I’m going to have to have a play around with Jo’s instructions as I’ve no idea what I’m doing at the moment.


We find GA really useful in seeing how people arrive at your shop.
Once you’ve cracked getting into it then it’s really easy to get around the site.
Once you’ve set your date,(we check daily so it’s always todays date we choose to set it to), then all info can be accessed on the left hand side of the screen.

The easiest way to get to know how it works is to play around with it. :smile:

We have it linked to both our online shops and it can get really interesting tracking a buyer, we’ve had a couple of occasions where someone has visited both shops before deciding where to finally make a purchase.

And we agree watching the real time link can get addictive :smile:

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I thought I would report back and let you know how well everything is going with GA. Thank you so much to all of you for explaining what could have been a complicated affair into something even I could achieve. I probably would have had a better outcome if I hadn’t been using the code from my old Etsy shop (LOL) but I have now sorted that and am getting the information that I wanted. Thanks again and good selling to all.


I was wondering whether anyone can help me, I just logged into my GA account and could not understand my views for the month.

15/9/14-15/10/14 - 997 views
16/9/14-16/10/14 - 1010 views
17/9/14-17/10/14 - 983 views

I cannot make sense of this, can anyone explain?
Esterina x