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Shop not found on Google search?


2 other shops I use show on there and even 1 I have now shut down, but Folksy is not up there when my shop name is put in the search bar. Is there anything I can do as this is my favourite shop?

(Sasha Garrett) #2

When I google search for your shop name I get your folksy shop first, then a blog and then a shop on the dark side. Perhaps google is remembering how you used to behave/ where you used to visit hense the order it is showing them to you. I wonder what order other people see them in.


Ooo thank you…I always come on here much more frequently than the other’s…I wonder why I couldn’t see it myself!!

Thank you for looking and coming back to me!


(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

I just did a google search and your folksy shop was at the top of the list.


Thank you very much ladies, I was getting worried,as Analytics have had about the same views as other shops if not more but I couldn’t find myself!!

(Diane Burton) #6

Top of my google list too :slight_smile:


Thank you for looking Diane, very relieved!:blush:

(HilaryP) #8

Hi @bramleycards - I did this search using an incognito search - so it doesn’t take into account my chrome preferences shows the Folksy shop came up top too (phew!)

Did you read the post on duplicate listing recently - haven’t had a look through your other shops but if you do sell on a number of platforms then well worth reading


Gosh thank you, I see hit 3 is my now defuncked shop, but no mention of W** who I do sell with. When I looked that was the number one in the list. How strange, but then I use Safari? Would this make a lot of difference as it uses Google?

I had seen the copy and paste blog, thanks, and I had done this previously so will stop, slap on back of hand!!
Thank you for replying Hilary.


(HilaryP) #10

Hi @bramleycards -

Google definitely changes results for users on mobiles as it will show sites that are mobile friendly above those with clunky sites that don’t respond well on mobile. Folksy is very mobile friendly so we get a little boost for that.

The best thing is to measure success not on rankings which jump up and down and are different for each user, but on actual traffic and conversions.


Brilliant, thank you for you help Hilary.

(Claire Mead) #12

My folksy shop items don’t seem to show up on google shopping when I have a search. My other sites do and items are showing but nothing for folksy? I have more items listed on folksy now?