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Happy Friday Morning 24/7

Awww thanks Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880, it never even entered my head! x


Now wondering if there is anything I can do about my hands/ nails before tomorrow, maybe some polish will help.

Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE you do realise that you now have free range calories roaming your kitchen don’t you? They can be dangerous if cornered - their bite causes cellulite.


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lol Sasha! @SashaGarrett :laughing: That’s hilarious! The necklace is absolutely stunning, the pendant has turned out so beautiful and smooth looking! Super job x

Not done much today - have got a very sore neck (have had all week) and it makes me want to just sit still and not move! I am also freezing cold and very tired - feels like a dull november afternoon today not july. Think I might have a hot bath, climb back into my jimjams and read my book this evening (once dinner has been cooked and out of the way) Loving that pendant Sasha @SashaGarrett - very pretty.

Thank you Roz. I keep seeing your scarves on the front page so all the hard work you put into tweeking your photos earlier this year has obviously paid off. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

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Thanks Sacha - some of them still need a bit of tweaking! In truth I could really do with a better camera but I’d far rather buy some more wool!


Thanks Kelly that was super quick:)

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