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Good Sunday Morning 26/7

(Kelly) #1

I’m running late checking in this place this morning, didn’t wake as early as I usually would but its not a bad thing I guess. :smile:

I have 2 orders to make and then the day is my own and I’m planning on actually doing something with it!

Saw you’re new beautiful scarf on Folksy’s main page when I logged in Roz @Rozcraftz, it’s turned out lovely!

Both pairs of your earrings was displayed too Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880.

Has anyone heard from Donna @RedDragonDesigns @ShropshireNaturalProducts. I’m a bit worried about her as she hasn’t been around since her OH had the accident and she had to go to hospital. Hope she’s okay and her OH too.

Wishing you all a lovely day. x

(Roz) #2

Good morning - thanks for the scarf love Kelly @tagpress. I have been wondering about Donna @ShropshireNaturalProducts too, hope all is OK.

Not much planned for today. My daughter is going to work and then going for sunday dinner with her dad so I have the whole day to myself. Should really wash the car but I don’t think I’ll bother! Think I might have a bit of a sort out and see what supplies I have for what projects. I need to order in some wool in Christmas colours for my Christmas makes so I might as well check what else I need and save on postage.

Hope you all have a lovely sunday.

(Kelly) #3

I read in another topic about your car mirror Roz @Rozcraftz, I’d have been petrified! Glad you got there and back home safely.

I’m looking forward to seeing you’re shop with the Christmas goodies inside it, can’t wait!

My 18 year old Son is going to Cyprus this morning so he’ll be at Manchester Airport now, I wish I was going on holiday today! Found a sneaky photo of him. lol

Well I best be getting on with these orders. I’ll catch up with you all in a bit. x

(Bee Skelton) #4

Hi! Just saw this thread. Hadn’t noticed it before. So just popping in quickly. I finished a commissioned painting yesterday, so today I’ll be adding a hanger to the back, painting the sides of the canvas and getting it ready to varnish. Hopefully I’ll also be able to get on with another painting which is almost finished. Always sad I can’t show current work because it’s for clients wanting to give special art surprises to loved ones. Wouldn’t want to give the game away!

(Roz) #5

Oops just forgot to wake daughter for work - remembered 10mins before she has to leave!

(Kim Blythe) #6

Good morning…thought I would say hello.
It’s a cold, miserable day here today so hoping to get some sewing done…had a bit of a late start!
Not sure what to make next…wondering whether to start on Christmas things or whether to dust off the knitting machine and make some cardigans to keep us warm!!

Hope you all have a great day…

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #7

Good morning.

I have been up since 4am and I’m in the middle of sorting out my beads and tidying up cos I made lots of mess yesterday. ops.
I might get more made if my table is tidy.
Plus it’s my frontroom and no one can can.over as I have taken over the sofa too.
And I really want to hoover later and.can’t do that either.

Roz @Rozcraftz as your daughter gets there that’s all that matters.
Kelly @tagpress I know Donna doesn’t come on at weekends but I’m sure.she is fine.
Hopefully we will see her about tomorrow and hopefully her husband is okay.

Well I’d better get.back to tidying.
It’s crazy how much mess I made. Ops

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #8

Kim @KBCreations I have started Xmas stuff already.
I know afew of us have.
And as Kelly @tagpress told me it’s never too early for Christmas stuff lol

(Minerva) #9

Morning everyone!
Cyprus is a lovely and hot :sunglasses: place for holidays. Very nice!
Sunny Edinburgh will do for me today!
Hope your Sunday is a restful day.

(Kim Blythe) #10

Last year was my first Christmas on Folksy so I wasn’t sure what to expect…I was really busy in October and November and wished I’d made more, so I will start soon in the hope of being better prepared and another busy Christmas!


(Kelly) #11

You’re paintings are fabulous @StudioBeeArt, hope you manage to complete you’re commissioned piece so you can finish off your other painting!

Kim @KBCreations I say get into the Christmas spirit, you’ll be thankful for it once we hit October / November, especially if you’re doing well with orders! I’ve known Christmas sales in September before now too.

Dawn @hobbitgirlie1880, 4am sorting beads out, are you mad? lol. Hoping you get it all sorted out. You’ll feel happier making new jewellery when it’s all clean and tidy! I don’t cope well if I’m working in a surrounded mess. I have to bin the bits and pieces of paper & card as I cut them, I’m awful for it! lol. :laughing:

Hope you’re Daughter made it in to work on time Roz @Rozcraftz, shame on you making her rush! lol :grin:

Wish it was sunny here @Minerva, it’s so dull and the heavens look like their going to open!

Back later. x

(Karen Ellam) #12

Hello :wave:

Hope your all having a lovely relaxing Sunday :blush:

I’m having such a lazy morning. I’m still in bed lol just relaxing. My hubby just brought me up a coffee with a plate of biscuits.
It’s a dull, dreary day here in Staffordshire so I doubt I will be going anywhere.
I babysat my little 18 month old nephew last night. He’s such a sweetie, but crikey Nora he tired me out. Where do little ens get all their energy from?

Hi Kelly @tagpress wishing your son a lovely holiday… He looks abit like Justin Timberlake :blush:

Enjoy your day folks whether it be making Xmas goodies or just putting your feet up & chilling.
I don’t think I will get much done today… I’m in idle moo mode :smiley:


(Minerva) #13

Well, the weather here is unpredictable…I won’t be surprised if it starts raining too.
I certainly hope not.

(Kelly) #14

Hi Karen @karenscraftybitz, that was lovely of your OH to bring you coffee and biscuits, I’m sure you enjoyed them. I’m in Staffordshire too, the weather is looking rotten.

I hope my Son has a nice time too, I’m sure he will. I feel at ease with him going because he’s sensible. Many people have said he looks like Justin Timberlake, I can kind of see a resemblance with his hair.

Glad you had a lovely evening with your little Nephew, their so sweet small but I agree they do tire you out. My Grandson is 18 months old too and now calls me Nanna properly which is cute. :smile:

I’ve received an automated email from Folksy for making my 25th sale, I’m now at 27 which is great. x

(Suzzie Godfrey) #15

Well it has suddenly gone dark here so we are all huddled inside.
After the village show yesterday I feel at a lost end as I have nothing extra to do. I have enough food baked that now needs eating up to feed the army for a week, but woman cant live on chelsea buns and piccalli alone.
So if I can convince my family that sitting knitting all afternoon isnt a selfish activity then I WILL finish the lavender hottie.
It seems everyone is now turning their attentions towards Christmas, and as this will be my first Christmas I am guessing it gets quite busy, and if I want to sell, I need the stock, so I had better set to and get my knitting head on.
And how is your ankle Melanie @Song of the Seam
Suzzie x

(Kelly) #16

Hi Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE, how did it go at the village show? It would be great if you could fit some knitting in today, that poor hottie is waiting for its photo shoot lol. :laughing:

I think you should do some Christmas knits Suzzie, they’d be adorable! I’ll look forward to seeing what you create for Christmas anyway!

Stevie had sent me a message almost near 3 weeks ago saying he was closing his forum account down due to personal health. I wish he was able to continue, he was a great addition to this place. x

(Roz) #17

congrats kelly @tagpress on your 1st 25 - i’m sure you’ll be whizzing up the numbers quite quickly.

Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE, who said you couldn’t live on cxhelsea buns and piccalilli alone - in fact scrap the piccalilli and just eat the chelsea buns!

Weather here in South Lincs is appalling - luckily managed to get dogs walked before it started raining too hard. I don’t normally mind walking in the rain but I lent my waterproofs to my daughter for a field trip and haven’t had them back yet!

What started out as a stock check of my wool has turned into a massive clear out/rearrange of my craft room. Not looking too good at the moment but hopefully it will be worth it in the end :smile:

Back later.

(Kelly) #18

Thanks Roz. x @Rozcraftz

(Suzzie Godfrey) #19

Kelly @tagpress, I have been knitting all afternoon, putting off going to the allotment to dig up the potatoes for dinner, so my little hottie will have a cover to be uploaded tomorrow when the light will be better for photography.
I won the cooking cup at our village show, so now I have cake/bun/shortbread management to contend with. I know I can freeze some but it seems a shame to pop it in there when we can eat it!!!
@Rozcraftz i have. Obviously there were a bakers dozen and whilst hubby asked the question’ just how many was one able to eat for breakfast’? I think i matched him bun for bun, the waistline is complaining rather, but once they are gone they are gone, thats my view
back to my knitting, Suzzie x

(Maureen Laurenson) #20

Congratulations Kelly @tagpress on your sales. I loved my tags.

I have been knitting warmer booties today for the winter and for Christmas. This horrible weather makes me feel like knitting snuggly little things. I will soon have to sort out my winter yarns for making mittens too.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone.

Maureen x