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Happy Halloween...really?!

Ive never been keen on the phrase Happy Halloween, to me Halloween is gory and scary so the 2 words don’t go together.
I can’t think up any suitable phrases for this event. Have any of you heard anything more appropriate?

I don’t do anything for Halloween, but if it helps, my 7 year old says ‘Happy Halloween’ when she’s trick or treating and others say the same back. Perhaps it depends on the age market you are targeting, but if it’s the very youthful, I’d keep it simple, something they will think of and respond well to.

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How about Spooky Salutations or Ghoulish Greetings for an older crowd? :slight_smile:

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The phrase always makes me laugh because it reminds me of the film Highlander! I suppose for smaller children it is full of cartoon ghosts and sweets so I’m sure they are happy!

As Fiona suggests I’d go with alliteration like Gruesome Greetings, or make up words like Spooktastic. Or how about ‘Have a Heart-stopping Hallowe’en’!

It is a celebration that I don’t really pay attention to as I have no kids. My husband loves it as an excuse to buy a massive tub of chocolates which he then spends the evening hoping that no kids turn up at the door so he can eat them himself haha! :joy:


@jessicagoulty Why does it remind you of Highlander? I thought I knew that film inside out but don’t recall Halloween references. I love the Kurgen btw, best screen villain ever.

I know! The Kurgen is awesome. When he is in the church and meets with Nash (a scene my husband and I love as it has so any quotable bits!) as he goes to leave he shouts ‘Happy Halloween, Sisters!’ to the nuns.

Did you also know that Clancy Brown who plays the Kurgen also does the voice for Mr Krabs in the Sponge Bob Square pants cartoon? That also makes me laugh!

@jessicagoulty Ah yes, Its better to burn out than fade away.
I don’t watch SBSP but I may start. Have you seen Flubber, the Kurgen and Buffalo Bill from Silence of the lambs are the baddies!!well the actors anyway.

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No I’ve never seen it, I might have to now for amusement value!

I use the phrase “Happy Halloween” as it’s really a happy time for kids to get dressed up and have a bit of fun. So I have no problem saying that x

I never use 'Happy Halloween as I don’t do Halloween in any form.

I don’t ‘celebrate’ halloween but I do enjoy the party atmosphere when I go to a local Pumpkin and Halloween Fair, I love to see the kiddies dressing up and having fun so in that sense I can and do say ‘Happy Halloween’ :mage::vampire::zombie::spider::jack_o_lantern:

I know someone who say ‘enjoy pretending day’

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