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Happy Thursday Morning 23/7

I woke early this morning, or should I say I literally dived out of bed thinking the phone was ringing at 5am. The phone wasn’t ringing but perhaps it was a call for the bin to be put out for the bin men, I forgot to do it last night. lol

I enjoyed creating my Pinterest board last night ‘Knitful Thinking’, all pinned from Folksy! I’ll make another new board this evening for something completely different but today will be the day I manage to make more than one item!

What are your plans for today? x

Just having cuppa tea in bed doing what I always do after the washing has been pegged out, catching up with you all.
Last night I finished knitting my lavender hottie, hurrah!
Today, with our village horticultural show on Saturday, I am making a shortbread round, and a carrot cake, digging up the potatoes, beetroot, turnips and carrots from the Lottie.
AND I am having my hair cut! So a little time for me in otherwise another mad day.
When all is quite this evening and I get a chance to sit, I will start to put the hottie together, that will be my first listing this month.
Hope everyone achieves their goals today, however big or small, and finishes the day with a sense of achievement .

And I am just going to see this new pinterest board you have created @tagpress

Good morning. After reading your post I’m already thinking about having cake later today!

I am currently watching the Clangers with my two little boys. Shows it’s obviously a good programme as it’s proving popular this morning even though it was first shown in the 70s!

I am planning to get more productive as the day goes on. Hoping to list some new items that I made yesterday and finally get round to filling out my ‘meet the maker section’.

Hope you all have a good day.

Morning all,
I’m having a cup of tea in bed at the mo, looking for a decent but reasonably priced humidifier for my work room. It’s amazing how my sewing machines suck all the moisture out of the air even in this damp weather :frowning: can anyone recommend a good one?
I’m hoping for some new supplies in the post today so if they arrive I’ll probably make some new scarves, before that though I have to make a batch of aftershaves as I have almost run out. I suppose I ought to drag myself out of bed now :cry:
Donna x

Looks like we’re all having a bit of a lazy morning. Have been awake since 6:30am despite not getting to sleep till the early hours (waiting for daughter to return from a party) but no work today so enjoying just doing nothing.

Have got to get up soon and take some photographs before the light takes a turn for the worst. I am hoping to get some new things made today but it is the first day of the school holidays and although my daughter doesn’t really demand much attention I never seem to get much done when she is in the house.

Right off to make another cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal to have in bed before I make the effort to get up.


I’m pottering about trying not to wake my daughter who’s having a crafty lie in :smile:
The bins out ready for the bin men, washings ready to go in (once I can sneak in my daughters room for her laundry basket)
Kettles brewing… So I’m just having five :smile:

I don’t think I will get anything done today as Thursday has been agreed to be Mum & Daughter day during the hols. Whether it be coffee & cake out, lunch out, cinema, shopping…etc as long as it’s together.
It’s nice really with her being 14 she’s normally hanging out with her friends so it’s nice to have time for us :blush:

Have a lovely day folks


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what a lovely idea Karen @karenscraftybitz having a day a week with your daughter. I love it now my daughters are older and we can enjoy each others company without feeling you are doing it to keep them occupied!


Well I’m up, the lovely sound of two hungry cats singing under the window persuaded me out of bed. How do they always know which room I’m in? So the washing is on the line and I’m just about to start melting aftershave ingredients.
Today I’ll be making

Good morning, I am having my coffee right now then I am off to do some interpreting at the hospital and in the afternoon, when I’m back, I will sort out the tags on Folksy. I work as a community interpreter and bilingual support worker for some extra income and I have been very busy in the last couple of months so I am really looking forward updating my shop and create something new for the upcoming exhibition with Tiverton Art Society.

You are lazy ones today, enjoy! :grin:

I’m just back from the shop but I’ve already made a start for my shop. I’m making rustic note cards, it’s something different from the norm.

Hope you manage to get your hottie finished Suzzie @thistledownandHOPE, i’ll look forward to seeing it once it’s listed!

I haven’t seen the Clangers in forever @AvenueFurnishings, glad you’re little boys are enjoying it!

Donna @RedDragonDesigns, hope your packages arrive so you can get started on the scarves. Can’t wait to see them. :heart_eyes:

Roz @Rozcraftz , check your settings on your camera and see if it allows you to change the exposure. I have mine set generally to +1.0. Works a treat!

Karen @karenscraftybitz, good luck sneaking the laundry basket out of your Daughter’s room lol. I’m creeping about myself in the hope I don’t wake my two!

Have fun with your shop @TeodoraPaintings & good luck with the exhibition! x


Woohoo the post has been, my sewing supplies are here :slight_smile: The only thing is I now have the dreaded job of threading the overlocker :scream: :smile:

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Nice new pinterest board Kelly @tagpress :slight_smile:

lol Donna @RedDragonDesigns. I used to hate threading my sewing machine up, but the spools more than anything.

Thanks Monika @TobisiasLilThing. x

I managed to make a couple of scarves but won’t be listing them yet. Oh has cut himself with a jig saw do I’m now waiting for a lift to the hospital!

I’m really sorry to hear that Donna @RedDragonDesigns, I hope everything goes okay! x

That sounds to me like it was a phsychic phone call from somewhere else. Hope you have a lovely day.x

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how nasty hope he gets better soon.x

Just a quick note to let you know I’ve received the scarf Donna @RedDragonDesigns & it’s so beautiful!! Thanks ever so much. x

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Hmmmmmm I wondering how many of you having eventually dragged yourselves out of bed decided to work in your PJs after all the joy of working from home is that no one can see what you’re wearing…
Since the OH was out at a prom last night I got my polishing done in his absence (Kelly - you would be bored out of your tiny watching me work as it seems to involve lots of fiddling with little bits of wire until they are just right and then lots of polishing) so here it is…

the silver is over exposing a bit at the moment so the colour of the garnet isn’t showing through. I’ll try again later after I’ve watered the melons at the allotment.
@RedDragonDesigns - hoping your trip to A&E is a quick one.

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