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Has anybody made sales for craft supplies?


I have been on folksy for 3months and my items are for craft supplies, but nothing has sold and I wonder if how others are doing in the same category please?
What could be my problem on my shop… dreadful…

The answer which is always given to posts querying why no sales is :slight_smile:
How are you promoting your shop so that potential sellers know that you / your shop are here ?

You’ve not added any social media links. If you open a high street shop you probably send out paper flyers to tell the world you are open. On Folksy / online you need to promote digitally via social media.

I just liked your lovely little pegs and good luck with your shop but it is a great idea to search this forum for best practice in promotion. There are lots of excellent posts about it.
Joy xx .

yep you need to share you items on different social media platforms

I’ve just shared your pretty buttons on my facebook page.

I have made sales of craft supplies, although my shop is predominantly my hand made items. I would love to see more supplies being sold here, as I’d rather spend my money on Folksy than elsewhere, so I hope you do really well.

I suggest a bigger selection of items. I would also get the words ‘craft’ and ‘supplies’, or specific crafts in your tags, I’m no expert in the tag-thing, but that’s what I’d search for if I wanted a few bits and bobs. I just did a search for “craft supplies” and there was nothing of yours in the first 6 pages that came up, so a bit of work on your tags may help you get seen.

Also, can I just say that whilst free postage may be quite attractive to customers, you are losing out as you will pay commission on the whole of your sale whereas if you charge your P&P separately, that part will be free of commission. Don’t lose out before you’ve even started!

I have loved your Japanese buttons as they are gorgeous. Good luck xxx

I also sell supplies, mostly for jewellery making. I’ve been on Folksy just over a year and am not doing too badly so far but as the others have said you need to promote - I promote on Facebook and also on my blog.

Hello All

Thank you very much for all your advice.
I haven’t got any social media as I am not a big fan of sharing my daily life or personal stuff.
Will still work if I just join new facebook page?
Thanks again.

As far as I remember, you have to have a personal profile on Fb in order to create a page for your work/shop, but you don’t have to use it. I use mine very little. Mostly when I am on Fb, I am Plum Porridge. I find it a great way to interact with other crafters and to boost my Folksy shop.

I have just listed some craft supplies, 8 pendant settings,

Thank you for your advice. I really appreciated. I will try very soon. :slight_smile:

you could always try instagram or twitter, i use instagram and i dont shre personal stuff on my business instagram, it brings me 90% of any sales ive made on folksy.