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Has anyone got any tip for stopping dry eyes when sewing?

(Donna) #1

Hi All,
When I spend a lot of time using my sewing and embroidery machines I get horrible dry eyes and an itchy nose that drives me crazy. Has anyone got any handy tips to stop this?
Donna x

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

LAst time I went to theopticions they said I had a hint of dry eye, they recomended athing theyes in warm water and massaging he inner corners of the eye(bit where tears come from).

Maybe try vaseline on your nostrils to catch any bits of fluff that ae going up your nose.

(Sally Lucas) #3

Donna @ShropshireNaturalProducts, my guess is that you are concentrating so hard that you aren’t blinking much! I find that just getting eye drops from the chemist really helps.

(Donna) #4

I’ll give massaging my eyes a go, I’ve tried vaseline, but it gets on my nerves and I end up wiping it all off lol
I was hoping there might be some old seamstresses trick I could try to stop it happening in the first place :frowning:
Donna x

(Donna) #5

Thanks Sally I hadn’t thought of eyedrops :blush:
Donna x

(Roz) #6

I used to use some eyedrops when I wore contact lenses as my eyes were always drying out - they were quite effective. Cant remember what they were called but they weren’t expensive, think I got them from Boots. I solved the problem by not wearing lenses any more!

(Bojanglies) #7

Systane eye drops are good - they also have a long shelf life (6 months, rather than 28 days, which is useful!)
They are fairly pricey though.

Blink more, take regular breaks, look away from your sewing into the distance frequently, drink plenty of water!

(there was one more thing I was going to suggest, but it’s gone now!!)

(Donna) #8

Thank you everyone fr your replies. I got some eyedrops yesterday and they have helped :smile:
I just have to work out how to stop my itchy nose, maybe I’ll just have to take my OH’s advice and wear a mask :frowning:
Donna x

(Charlotte Trimm) #9

The Optrex eye spray is good it’s not the cheapest but again it has a longer shelf life than normal eye drops I find it good when my eyes are itchy/dry and you just spray it on closed eyes so no messing around trying to drop it in your eyes. I papercut but still do the long staring at stuff thing and I look up/away from my work regularly to give my eyes a rest and stops them getting dry and strained. Also is this a thing that’s happening more now it’s getting colder out and you have the heating on? As it could be that too because central heating is a dry heat which means your eyes are getting dry and you aren’t breathing in air with much moisture in it so that’s why your nose is itchy. You might just need to introduce a little bit of moisture back into the air a little bowl of water ontop/close to a radiator will help :slight_smile:

(Bojanglies) #10

That’s what the bit I forgot to add!
Bowl of water on the radiator.

Well remembered! :wink:

(Donna) #11

Lol I have a bowl of water on the radiator, I got fancy and scented it with geranium essential oil too :smile:
It smells amazing and hopefully it’ll help :smile:
Donna x