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Has Facebook had it's day?

I am now using buffer to schedule my tweets as I have found this to be the most effective social media for me. Facebook rarely provides me with views but am wondering if I need to work harder at it or whether it’s day is done? Should I work on Instagram or Pinterest more?
Any thoughts?

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I still do quite well on Facebook. I get comments and likes on virtually all my posts.

I use hootsuit to schedule tweets as you can only do 10 on buffer unless you pay.

Direct Facebook sales are a large part of my sales online, whereas I find Twitter absolutely useless, and generally annoying with the character restriction. But there’ll be people that say Twitter brings them tons of sales, and Facebook is rubbish because it hides all their posts and no one interacts with them. Or that Instagram is the best thing ever. It’s horses for courses. You just need to find the social media that you enjoy using or you’ll never use it properly and it won’t work for you. I can see that Instagram would be a good one for me because I like adding photos on my Facebook page, so they would make a nice curated set on Instagram. I don’t like adding things to Pinterest because I can see how many ‘must make this boards’ they go onto and that bothers me. With Instagram they don’t get shared anywhere so I’m none the wiser what people are doing with them. Suits me fine. That’s what I mean about finding the social media that you like using :slight_smile:



I use facebook to network and bring customers to my shop but my facebook page is dead! I hate twitter with a passion, probably because I don’t understand it :confused:
I love Instagram and Pinterest tho!

I find Twitter generates views but no sales. Instagram generates views but I haven’t been on it long enough to find out if it will produce sales. Facebook seems to generate sales and views but you have to work extremely hard for them. But on the whole I prefer sales to views, so I will continue to keep plugging away with FB. It is a bit worrying that people who view things on Pinterest might try to copy them, but then again, I doubt that any of their copies would be a patch on your originals @JoSara :wink:

Sam x