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Have I been scammed?


I recently had 3 customers who each bought 2 each of aftershave, hand balm and moustache wax. Each customer contacted me saying the products were liquid and unusable. Which I thought strange as the ones I have here are quite solid, but put it down to overheated postal vans, until the last one. Which was the moustache wax. The customer insisted they were liquid at room temp. Which is very strange as they are basically beeswax and coconut oil, both of which are solid at room temp and the wax takes a lot of heat to melt. I’m beginning to think I may have been scammed out of around £45. It seems strange to me that they were all orders for 2 each of some of my most expensive products and that they all apparently melted, in the winter, something that didn’t happen in the middle of the summer :frowning: Sorry for being a bit long winded, I just needed to let off steam :cry:
Donna x

(Roz) #2

I would ask the customer to return the product at their own expense saying postage and original cost will be refunded should you find the product faulty. All sounds a bit dodgy to me.

(Qteacup) #3

I agree with Roz, ask for them to be returned, if you have others of the same batch and it hasn’t happened to them, then it does sound odd. You can investigate if they are sent back, though I doubt they would return them.

(Christine Shephard) #4

Definitely ask them to return them for a refund - it’s standard practice anyway, and you don’t have to refund or exchange unless they send them back. It all sounds very coincidental, and rather suspicious.


I just refunded them as it was on that auction site, where you are held to ransom by your feedback and top rated seller discounts :cry: I do tend to just refund if there’s a problem. But from now on I’ll at least get photographic evidence :expressionless:

(Rachel) #6

Donna ask Ebay to intervene, given the evidence of the ingredients and the melt temperature. I have asked Ebay to help with something before and they can see if this is a usual procedure for customers to ask for refunds, you cant but they can.

So sorry you have been tricked your products are wonderful.


Thanks everyone, I just thought it was strange that 3 separate products melted for 3 customers. Especially as I’ve sent them to Australia, Madagascar and other countries that aren’t know for being particularly cool without them melting, yet in the UK and Norway they did?? I’ll report the buyers to ebay now and see if anything comes of it. I really need to start having more faith in what I sell, but still after all these years I still can’t believe people want to buy it and thing it’s good lol

(Sasha Garrett) #8

I’m very much doubting that your products were liquid as the high melting point hand salve you made me not only survived the heat of the poly tunnel with only minor softening (of the product, my hands were wonderfully soft), it survived in my handbag in southern europe (and turned out to be wonderful on dry cracked lips as I’d forgotten a lip balm). Definately ask for photographic evidence or the product back next time someone tries it on.
Don’t suppose you have anything suitable for faces blasted by icey winds and driving rain do you?


Thank you Sasha :slight_smile: It’s good to know that they don’t melt :smile:
You can use the hand balm on your face too it has all sorts of skin protecting ingredients in it :slight_smile:
Or this face balm is good too, it’s not as heavy as the hand balm :slight_smile:

What would your approach be?
(Minerva) #10

Definitely ask for photos to be sent to you. Then get the items back and issue a refund.

(Sasha Garrett) #11

I’m sure beauty editors the world over would be screaming in horror at the idea of putting hand cream on your face but … yours worked a treat after a day of sea kayaking/ stalking flamingoes (face was suitably sand blasted / salt sprayed then scrubbed to get the sun block off so not happy at all). I suspect that it might be a bit solid to smear on my face when I go to lapland though so I’ll add the face cream to the shopping list along with (more) thermals and husky treats.

(Rachel) #12

Sasha, we were advised not to put anything on your face whilst outside in Lappland - but have a good quality night cream for when you come back in. I know Donna sells some lovely creams.

I hope you have a wonderful time when your there and I am more than a tiny bit jealous :smiley:

(Sasha Garrett) #13

Thanks for the tip, I’ll put in a good word with :santa: for you.

(Oh Button Me) #14

Oh no I hate when people think they can scam hard working people. I would get on to the admin people and report it seems odd that it happened to three people.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #15

Yes you’ve been scammed they now have your money and the product.
The thing to of done was to has asked for evidence ie photo’s or ask them to return the item.

Never simply return monies without evidence first.

This is what I had to do when I bought a vintage plate off ebay it arrived smashed into lots of pieces. you could hear it as the postie handed me the box. I had to take photo’s of the box and and the broken plate while it was still taped up in it’s bubble wrap. That way the seller was able to see the evidence and gave me back my monies. She was then able to claim on the post office with the photo’s evidence.

This is a known scam on places like ebay to say something is not as described, broken, missing in the packet etc etc. They tend to do it to newer sellers as they don’t know to get evidence and simply reimburse so lose both the item and their money.

So sorry this happened to you.

(Karen Ellam) #16

Sorry to read this has happened to you Donna :frowning:
It does sound quite suspicious to me.

Your products are gorgeous and good quality. Try not to doubt yourself.


(Stephanie Guy) #17

Donna I’ve just pm’d you x


Stephanie, I got you email, I’m sorry your hand cream melted :frowning: I may have to go back to the drawing board with that one and just make the version I made for Sasha @SashaGarrett which has extra non melty ingredients. Maybe the hand cream was a genuine complaint. But I’m still not convinced the Moustache wax melted as It is mainly beeswax which takes forever to melt in a double boiler!
Donna x

(Stephanie Guy) #19

Like I said in my email I like the fact that it melts easily. I have one from elsewhere that I use in the summer when yours is completely liquid - yours is perfect in the winter when the other one is rock hard :joy: It was a bit of a surprise the first time I opened it in the warmth of the summer, I was glad I hadn’t opened it too enthusiastically!


I really am sorry, I was convinced that because the ones I have here are solid they stayed that way :cry: I just had a quick look in some of my pots as I’ve had the heating, iron and embroidery machine going in ere all morning so it’s about 20 degrees in here at the mo. But thankfully they are still quite solid. I wonder if I made a batch and missed out the beeswax, which is what pushes the melting point up.