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Need To Rant!

(Donna) #1

I feel the need to have a good rant, so I thought I’d create a threat especially for anyone who need to get something off their chest :smile:
Here I go … I recently sold a cocoa butter and coconut lotion bar on ebay a week later I got a snotty message saying it had no smell or somfing (honestly somfing!!) so I answered right away that the bars are all natural and don’t have any artificial fragrances. The very next day I got another message saying … I’ll copy and paste it…“Hi there iv message you the other day regarding lotion and it’s got no smell. and differently don’t smell of coconut” so I explained again they’re not meant to smell but she could send it back for a refund only to find out she’d thrown it in the bin! So not wanting a negative feed back I located the original message and the first reply and converted it to a jpeg and sent it to her with a fragrances bar I made especially for her and this morning got a negative feedback saying I was rude!
I’m really quite upset and I’ve only ever had 3 negatives and I went out of my way for her.
Anyway that’s my rant over. Thank you for listening :smile:

Donna xx

(Margaret Jackson) #2

That must be so annoying! I know how fabulous your soaps etc smell and how good your service is, so getting any negative feedback must be very frustrating. There’s always one though that isn’t happy whatever you do for them, so sadly there’s not much you can do about it. Hopefully customers will see all the great feedback from other buyers and will disregard anything this one says.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

ugh there’s no pleasing some people. Can you not put a professional reply to her negative feed back?

Did she ask for a partial refund by any chance as this is a old ebay scam complain make a fuss in the hope you’d send her free extra items or do a partial or full refund without returning the item.

Sorry you had a difficult person to deal with :frowning:

(Donna) #4

Thanks Margaret and Eileen, I have been getting quite disheartened with ebay recently, and this just made things worse. She didn’t ask for a refund or a replacement for that matter. I just sent her one because I like to have happy customers. I enjoy making pretty things for people. I know you can’t please all of the people all of the time but I still try lol

Donna x

(Karen Ellam) #5

Oh no Donna. This is what I dread. Having to deal with a difficult customer.
Thankfully all of my customers so far have been lovely. ( I’m actually touching the wooden bookcase next to me as I type this lol)
I can feel your frustration. :frowning_woman: those negative comments can really hurt a small business. Could u not contact EBay and copy them the customers email, and explain how you went out of your way to appease them. Even sending another fragrance bar which wasn’t kindly received.
Maybe they can remove the feedback and negative rating.

I love your beautiful soaps and goodies. Everything smells gorgeous. In fact I nearly took a nibble out of that Bakewell tart soap :grin:

Karen :balloon::blossom:

(Donna) #6

It’s a horrible feeling when you see that little red minus sign, my heart sinks. I don’t know how all those people with hundreds of negatives manage. I’d be crying lol I have tried reporting it to ebay as an unreasonable negative but I’m not going to hold my breath. I do’t think you need to worry though, the items you made for me are brilliant! So well made and the attention to detail is phenomenal!

Donna x

(Liz Lothian ) #7

Hi, no wonder you needed to rant! There’s just no pleasing some people. Liz

(Roz) #8

Had a few “need to rant” moments on eBay myself so know how you are feeling. I got 2 negative feed backs on thing I was selling - both secondhand goods and bargain prices but for some reason one of the customers seemed to think that the items should have been in out of the box pristine condition despite photographs and description showing otherwise. The other, who bought some jeans labelled size 8, complained they didn’t fit! Didn’t realise we had to provide a fitting service! I think there are always going to be people who want something for nothing. Personally when I buy online I accept that goods may not be quite what I envisaged and that if I want to return it I will have to pay return postage - doesn’t stop me buying though! To be 100% sure of what you are getting you need to physically go and buy it from a shop.

Don’t let it get you down, there’s plenty of positives for your goods against one negative. Keep making :slight_smile:

(Fairyland Decor) #9

I had exactly the same experience with e-bay, I sold a top I had brought but never worn (still had tags on saying size 12), it only went for £1.99. Then I got an email saying its too small. So I sent one back saying if she wasn’t happy she could return it to me, she said she had washed it and wanted to keep it to wear in bed but could I refund her anyway. So I politely said no… lol

(Donna) #10

Good Grief! I know there are some people out there who want something for nothing. I think a lot of people don’t realise or care that we are small businesses and a £2-3 sale makes a difference. But luckily most of my customers are great and I have my lovely regular customers who keep coming back :smile:

Donna x

(Brenda Cumming) #11

I once got a neutral feedback on the bay…
The lady loved the painting she bought but she did NOT like the FREE one I sent her and she said so…
I contacted the lady and said that if she didn’t like it she could return it and she said she would, if I sent her a stamp !!!
That neutral stayed with me for 6 months which was totally unfair.
My rant

(Donna) #12

Some people are so cheeky!! Luckily most customers are reasonable people :smile:

Donna x

(Kathelle MacLeod) #13

What I would hate most is knowing that what you’ve worked so hard to make has been put in the bin :frowning: honestly, some people just don’t realise how much effort and of yourself goes into everything you make… x

(Rachel) #14

Goodness me no wonder you needed to rant, my jaw was dropping with some of these stories people are funny things :stuck_out_tongue:

(Heidi Meier) #15

These stories just fill me with horror!

But ultimately, you have to remind yourself that some people are deliberately nasty and will use the negative feedback thing as a way to blackmail you. When they placed the original order, they will have had no intention of paying, no matter how good the item.

Thankfully, those sorts are few and far between but unfortunately, they do exist and someone somewhere every day has to deal with them.

You were just unlucky but the only bit of advice I can offer is ‘forget it’ and don’t let it upset you. I know that’s hard, but don’t let someone daft dull your day (or worse, cause you to doubt yourself).

(Denise Hayes) #16

I"ve had a couple of ‘those’ customers on ebay. I once got an order for 2 items. I then had to ask which colour she wanted with one of them, no response. If I dont’ get a response in 2 days I send the colour 90% of people choose. Sent off the 2 items. then got a response saying she wanted the most popular colour. Great. Then i get an message saying that if I hadnt’ sent this colour for this item she wouldn’t even pick up the parcel from her PO or would I like her to pick it up and then pay to have it sent back to me. (non-uk buyer, english as first language from the messages).

I replied saying which colours I had sent for each item, why the messages had been attached to the 1st item she had picked, which didn’t have a colour choice, and what the 2nd listing actually had said about choosing from 6 colours, as she hadn’t read it, just looked at the 1st photo then clicked ‘buy’.

I got absolutely no response, not even feedback. Tho is anyone else finding that most people dont’ leave feedback on ebay anymore. I’ve got about 1/3 leaving it, i think.

my 1 neg is from someone that I had managed to swap address labels with another order, she started an ‘item not recieved/item not as described dispute’ as the way to let me know I’d made a mistake. Sent off the right item to each buyer, got the item back from the other one, this one kept it - if she wasn’t pregnant, she had no use for it! - then refused to close the dispute so I ended up refunding her and giving her a free item. Then left a neg saying I was rude and snotty after I pointed out she didn’t have to open a dispute, and lied about not knowing that was what she was doing when ebay very clearly tell you you are!

(Donna) #17

Thank you everyone for sharing your ebay horror stories, it’s hard to believe just how cheeky some people are. At least most of our customers are great though :smile: