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Have you blogged today? 2017

(Debbie Patterson) #82

I’m very new to blogging just set my blog up still getting to grips with it x

(TaylorTwoStore) #83

Wrote another blog over the weekend about my David Bowie illustration printed onto a mug and even created a video showcase of the design to boot! :slight_smile:

(Teresa Bettelley) #84

A shirt blog post on the fantastic Sherwood Art Week, Nottingham

Sherwood Art Week Round Up | Shirley Rainbow


My latest bracelets:


(Teresa Bettelley) #87

A few projects finished and started in July and other crafty stuff
Crafty Doings in July | Shirley Rainbow

(Teresa Bettelley) #88

Sounds like a lovely day out!


Yes, it was, indeed!

(Brenda Cumming) #90

I have blogged about my new knitting patterns

(Grimm Exhibition) #91

I blogged after months of not blogging. Shame on me.
Ive waffled on about costumes I like.

(Bekki Stevenson) #92

A much deserved distraction from work and shop related things in time for the weekend, I shared a really easy recipe for banana cake on my blog today.

(Sarah Eves) #93


(Sue Wright) #94

Natural Dyeing Wool in my garden and using my homegrown Woad to make blue!

(silvermoss) #95

Up on my blog is an interview with the excellent Folksy jewellery Becky Pearce

I know I’m biased but it’s a really good read if you’re a crafter of any kind :slight_smile:

(Lucy Reynolds) #96

I’ve put some pictures up on my blog of some wedding stationery I designed. It was a light-hearted theme of animals in wedding attire :slight_smile:


My lasted blog:

(Sue Wright) #98

ripples and reflections

(Teresa Bettelley) #99

I blogged yesterday sharing lots of pictures from Instagram tagged under the crafting is my therapy hashtag, there’s a couple of folksy sellers featured!

(Brenda Cumming) #100

today I have done a short blog showing my latest crocheted items

(Brenda Cumming) #101

I have added an piece today about freeform crochet.
Freeform crochet is painting with yarn to create beautiful fabrics…