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List your #Folksy Friday links here

I’ll start with my #folksyfriday on my blog, I’ll also be posting it on my twitter page, hopefully we can get enough people to join in and make it work for us all,
I’ve included links to other shops… @littleRamstudio and @TheCornishCoasterCompany


Hi Jan, Im not sure how this works, I don’t have a blog page but I’m twit, FB, Pin

I have posted this print of a Spottie dog with my art deco lady

also below are two shops that have dog themed items in their shop, if I’m doing this wrong let me know Jan

I have promoted your shop to my fb twit and pin to my folksy board

all the best Sue

Hi Sue, there are no hard or fast rules to how we go about FF, it’s a way of getting links out there and hopefully shares and retweets etc.
You can do just your own items, a mixture of yours and others or just one item. You can either add on to someone else’s theme or choose one of your own,
If you put #folksyfriday somewhere within whatever social media you use it will get found if someone looks for that #tag.
Sometimes we struggle for something new to put in our social media and having a weekly thing may help.
Love your spotty dog x

I’ve just got back home after getting my MOT done (passed) :slight_smile: shopping done :slight_smile: I’m off to make a cuppa then going to check out your links. Thank you for joining in and the promotion etc x

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Thanks Jan, I appreciate your message in answer to mine, your a great help, I will try to support #Folksy Friday, I like to support and promote my folksy friends, every little helps.

Please your car past its MOT
Enjoy the rest if your day Jan


I’ve been trying to cobble together a post to share on FB etc so that I can change it easily each week sharing some of my favourites but time has escaped me again!! I’ll perfect it and have it ready for next week.

Made it, I think, better late than never!! I’m not too good on social media but will post on Instagram as well. Not on anything else.


Thank you for including my bowl :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome Joy, I love all things glassy and your work is amazing.

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Ooh, there’s our Beagle, thank you!

Spotted this on IG, many thanks for including our Happy Cat :smile:

I’ve also shared mine on my twitter page…

This weeks selection.


Is it OK to simply share your post on FB for today? I want to join in, but it might take me a few Fridays to get the hang of doing something of my own!


This weeks #folksyfriday is over on my blog, I’ll also be sharing on my facebook and twitter :slight_smile:

@stitchgalore @TheSilverRainbow ArtThatMakesYouHappyAKA @RiaCooper

I managed to put something together, I looked at the ones above as a guide. I think my daughter will have a laugh at me using hashtags! Edit - I have noticed that this link does not work, so not quite sure how to add my link here properly.

Good morning Amanda, your link wasn’t working!!! so I’ve popped it in here. I love your choices for FF :slight_smile:

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Thank you Jan. I’m not sure how to do the link properly, I will try again next week and see if I can manage it! We really do have some lovely shops here.


Is anyone else doing a #Folksy Friday post on any of their social media?

I was a little short of time this morning so I have put a link to Folksy on my Facebook page today #folksyfriday.

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