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Have you ever been featured in a magazine?

Have you ever been featured in a magazine.
This article about me was over 20 years ago in a knitting machine magazine. I was selling my knitwear in Uxbridge shopping centre craft market…happy days…


That’s fabulous Brenda! And also very lovely to see your face and lovely knitwear :kissing_heart:



I managed to get my work featured in Cambridge Edition a few years back as part of the publicity for Cambridge Open Studios, thankfully they didn’t feature my face just my little dino pendants and some earrings.


Yes twice but I never did see the one in Craftseller. But I did see the one in Knit today.

Well done Brenda it looks great :smile:


My work has been featured in a few magazines before and my buttons are going to feature in an upcoming issue of Simply Knitting magazine - I’m very excited about that!

My ugly mug has only been featured in magazines (and on TV for my shame) when I gave birth to my second Son on the floor of the hospital car park with Mr Dottery Potter as midwife!


Oh Dottie…fame in an odd way…I hope the floor wasn’t too cold…
well done on all of you that have been featured.x

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I’ve been featured in a couple but no photos of me, just of my pics (and happy with that!!). 5-10 garments each day is pretty impressive @teabreaks!! :slight_smile:


My knitting themed brooch will be featured in Let’s Knit magazine - I think the next issue but not 100% sure. Elaine


Wow, what a lovely picture of you Brenda! Well done to all of you :). My art has been featured in a couple of local newspapers and I also wrote an article for Leasure Painter but nothing like a full on interview or a 1 or 2 pages article about my work (only on-line).

you see we are a clever lot on folksy…well done to you all…xx

I was in Knitting magazine a few years ago now. I didn’t have any pictures but had a little bit about me and my website was mentioned.

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I did a few polymer clay bead and jewellery tutorials for Beads and Beyond magazine a few years ago.


well done ladies…