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Is my shop ok?

(Kirsty Halsey) #1

Hey all, so I boosted my folksy shop all over social media before valentines day, got to around 300 views, but no sales at all :frowning: could you please take a look and see if my shop is looking ok? Is it something I’m doing wrong? I need to boost my sales as just lost my proper job. My shop is Thank you

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(Angela Snape) #2

Hello :slightly_smiling:
Just had a look around your shop and I have to say I think your work is lovely. To me your shop looks really good - but maybe some more seasoned sellers on here will be able to give you some advice? It’s hard work promoting but if, as you say, you’ve boosted your shop all over social media then it may just be that people are being a bit cautious about spending right now. Hopefully, in the run up to Mother’s Day you’ll get some sales! Sorry I’m not being much help but wish you lots of luck :smiley:

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(Susannah Ayre) #3

Hmm…I’m not sure. Just had a look and everything looks nice enough. Plenty to look at. I’m certainly not your target market as I don’t wear much jewellery and don’t tend to buy it for people either, but for those who do your shop appears to look lovely. Photos are clear enough. Though you do use the word ‘stunning’ a lot. :wink: haha
Only thing I could suggest for your photos to be used in more gift guides or whatever is for you to have your first image on everything a square. Folksy crops to a square and if you look at the thumbnails, particularly for a lot of your necklaces, the item goes out of the shot.
Only thing I can think of though. Sorry.
Remember you’re one of thousands (probably millions) of jewellery sellers online, it isn’t going to be easy to find customers. I would say online jewellery isn’t something people impulse buy either. Maybe try and get in some actual shops too? :slightly_smiling:
Good luck with it all!!

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(Sasha Garrett) #4

Sorry to hear about the ‘proper’ job having been made redundant twice I know it can be very stressful.
Looking at your shop I can’t see anything majorly wrong but as Susannah says it would be better if your first shot was cropped square so that you don’t loose any of the image when it is displayed in search results. Some bloggers etc prefer a less obvious water mark in the shots they include in their articles so you might want to move it to the edge of the image (personally I don’t bother watermarking my images as apparently they are easy to remove).
Looking at your facebook page you might want to stop putting the link to your folksy shop in the main post - apparently this limits the reach of your post. It is better to put the link to the item as the first comment.
I’m afraid jewellery is a very competitive field - there are lots of sellers on here and other online market places. Its taken me several years to get any sort of momentum behind my folksy shop and that still wouildn’t provide me with a living on its own.
Good luck.

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(Camilla) #5

Hi Kirsty. Your shop is lovely. I agree with @SashaGarrett about the watermarks though - our recommendation is not to use watermarks on images if you want them to be featured or shared. Most bloggers won’t feature work that has a watermark either. If you’re worried about your images being used without your permission you can do an image search on Google search and chase credits where they are due.

There’s more advice about this here

(JewelleryhandcraftedbyPauline) #6

I am having the same results as you! I’m hoping Mothers Day might generate some sales. I do everything suggested and I get lots of ‘likes’ but not many sales! I agree that it’s difficult to sell Jewellery online. I’ve looked at your shop and it looks good! Sorry I haven’t got any advice as I’m in the same position! I post in the gift guides as well but haven’t been included yet! I think we just need to keep promoting! If anyone has any help or suggestions for me as well I would be very grateful! :blush:

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(Samantha Stanley) #7

I don’t get very good results for Valentines Day either! I think it is because the target market for that one day only is…Men.

I don’t like to make sweeping generalisations, because I know that some men do indeed get thoughtful presents, well in advance of the day, from shops and sites they know their beloved likes BUT at least some of the men in my family and of my acquaintance, rush around like headless chickens the day before. Those customers are highly unlikely to be checking Folksy.

I suspect that the views I get on the run up to Valentines day are from ladies saying to their partners (who are watching some kind of sporting event) “This is really nice!” in the vain hope that somebody might be paying attention. As I say, I’m not a female chauvinist and I am absolutely sure this stereotype does not represent all men, but it does represent at least some of them.

I get much better sales in the run up to Mother’s Day and after Christmas, which may be down to women buying for other women or for themselves, so here’s hoping for the next few weeks!

Love Sam x

(Ali Joyce) #8

You’ve described my husband perfectly!!

(Samantha Stanley) #9

Shh! I’ve also described my brother and my father perfectly too :wink:

(Kirsty Halsey) #10

Thanks so much everyone! Xx

My newer items have square pics, so I’ll go back and re- edit the other ones. I’d rather keep the watermark to be honest - the Chinese are ripping off so many UK jewellery makers, and I don’t want to have to Google all my images constantly?
I just wonder if my stuff is a bit rubbish to have so many views and no sales to be honest?

I’m not sure how else to boost myself a bit now. I did tons of crafts fairs before Xmas, and I’ve kept up my monthly craft fair, but I was hoping to get a bit of online sales going.

(Sasha Garrett) #11

What are you basing the view count on? If its google analytics you need to remember to discount any views you made yourself and all the ghost views from web bots/ referal spammers (I work on at least a third of my views according to GA aren’t made by real people and I’ve spent time attempting to filter out the referal spam). If they are specific item views as measured by folksy were there any in particular that got looked at? Maybe there is something wrong with that listing, like older photos for example.
How were you boosting your promotion? Were you targetting the right people? It might be that people saw your FB posts thought ‘I’ll have a quick look…’ clicked though to your shop and thought ‘oh that’s not to my taste’ and clicked away, unfortunately there is soo much jewellery available online that people can be very picky (and it is very easy for them to do so).
Your stuff isn’t rubbish but there is a lot of competition out there.

(Kirsty Halsey) #12

Thanks @sashagarrett the views are specific item views, and none of them have been things I’ve shared in recent months, so I think that means that they’re real person views? I’ve had a couple of items added to favourites the last day or so, so maybe they’re making wish lists? Just a shame that they haven’t led to sales x

(Sasha Garrett) #13

If they are specific items that have been viewed then yes that means they are probably real people and the favoriting is a good sign that you are reaching the right people to buy your work (but maybe not their other halves who would be buying them valentines presents). Hopefully come payday they will be back to buy the items.

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(Julie Maginn) #14

I did notice that one of your necklaces was on the front page of Folksy most of yesterday so hope that helps. Your things are lovely, nothing at all wrong with them. xx

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(Kirsty Halsey) #15

Thanks for the help, advice and support guys xx