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Interior design programme on BBC2

(Grimm Exhibition) #1

I cant recall what its called but theres a new interior design programme on at 7pm each weekday for the next 3 weeks. A bit like Bake off but with decorating.
Anybody else watching it?

(JollySmall) #2

I think its called The Great Interior Design Challenge 7pm BB2 - haven’t seen it yet but will watch out for it now
Thanks Di :slightly_smiling:

(Jan Ryan) #3

I occasionally watch it on catchup / iplayer. that way I can fast forward all the recaps, it’s a great idea for a programme but what really puts me off is the music, I’ve been known to watch it with the sound off or it’s been so bad I’ve switched off after 10 minutes.

(Lowri of Twinkle and Gloom Art) #4

I quite like that programme. I’m disappointed because there was a series I started watching last year by Laurence Llewelyn Bowen, but it disappeared after a two or so episodes… Or I missed them. It was about transforming a room in houses in theme with the original era of the house. I like LLB hes quite funny.

(GiftsWithGlitz) #5

Sounds right up my street I’ll watch out for it

(Tina Martin) #6

Yes, I’m watching it and I love it. Loved the last series too! :slight_smile:

(Oh Button Me) #7

Yes I’ve been watching it too I loved the last series

(Liz Lothian ) #8

Watched it last night. Love this prog.