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Haven't things changed!

(Sally Gartell) #1

It’s been maybe a year since ive been on to the folksy forums and i cant believe how much has changed!!
I have found except for christmas time, unless i come on the forums i dont really sell anything? I have so much stock so what shall i try? a sale? a giveaway?
So how has it all changed? what do i need to know?

Some advice would be great

Thanks Sally xx

(Stephanie Guy) #2

Hi Sally, welcome back :smile:

There’s a thread here full of tips for sellers, it’s well worth a read If you could share one tip with new sellers, what would it be?

The thing with selling online is you need to promote your work and have a presence and a following. I find facebook is the best place for this, others swear by twitter. Have a read of the tips thread and good luck!


(Margaret Jackson) #3

I agree with Stephie, promotion is key. I’ve bought one of your bags a while back now, and it was because I saw it on the forum or I wouldn’t have known it existed. If you haven’t the time to spend promoting, that will be the reason you’re not selling much!