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Help! I'm a newbie


I’ve had my shop for a while but haven’t stocked anything yet. I’ve been selling on facebook to my family and friends.

Now i think i’m ready to broaden my sales but i’m really nervous :confused:

Any tips or advice would be really appreciated.

Karen xx :blush:


Hi Karen

Welcome to the forums :blush:

I remember that feeling of nervousness when I opened my shop. It’s all very exciting too.

Don’t worry too much. The forum is a great place to meet like minded people and have a chat. We are a friendly bunch here :slightly_smiling:

I’ve just noticed your shop is on holiday mode. I’m not sure if you knew or not.
Also it’s always a good thing to fill in the meet the maker section.

I think the hardest part of running a little online shop is keeping up with the promotion side of things. You mention Facebook so that’s good.
There’s also Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Craftjuice etc…
All very time consuming but a necessity.
Everyone tends to juggle their promotion differently to suit.

I wish you all the best with your shop



Hi Karen

Welcome to Folksy, the friendly place to sell.

Can I make 2 initial observations.

  1. You can have 5 photos per listing, you should make use of them. Remember that the customer’s only view of the thing you are trying to sell them is your pictures so take several from different views, lights to give a better idea of what they are going to buy.
  2. Your listing titles will not help anyone find your work. If someone is searching for a Mother / Mum picture then yours has no chance at all of popping up. You need to get a brief description in there with some keywords. Think what you would type if you were to search for something similar and use those words in your title.

Good luck
Joy xx


Welcome to Folksy! I’m quite a newby too really. I set up the shop quite a while ago but sort of left it, unsure how to get it going. Now I finally have and I’ve found this forum really supportive and I learn something new every time I log in.



Dont be nervous, nothing ventured nothing gained!
Get your listings on, be friendly but to the point and then promote as much as you can. Being on the forum will help with that , the more you share on the forums the more your viewing stats will rise. Its hard work and can be very time consuming, but when the sales come in, you know its worth it!

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Thank you so much for the reply Karen. I only just put my shop in holiday mode while i sorted it out…seemed a good idea at the time lol.

I am online a lot with other projects so hopefully i can split my time more.

Thanks Joy.

I’m still practicing taking photos of glass, im a newbie newbie :joy:

Thanks so much for the advice, I’ll change some stuff around.


welcome…good luck with your shop