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Having a lovely bank holliday weekend

apart from dropping into the forum first thing in the morning, lunch time and before bed I’m officially having a family Bank holiday weekend off yah :smile:

As DH is having the weekend off from work so am I. We are enjoying our break and are even doing a few jobs around the house.

I’m not working on making things or taking photo’s although I’ve left my shop open and are checking it 3 times a day but apart from that I’m really for the first time enjoying not ‘working’ this bank holiday weekend and having a proper family weekend.


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I had mine last weekend,me and son headed out to Ramsholt in suffolk,he found a couple of Mako shark teeth and I got a nice bit of fossil turtle shell,plenty of fossil coral there but otherwise fossils are good but sparse.
The day was marred a bit upon finding a baby Kingfisher on the beach,it had fallen from the nest burrow somewhere in the cliff and was on its last legs,all we could do was place it above the tide line and hope mother found it.

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oh poor thing :frowning:

Well I’m about to make a chocolate bread pudding to eat later with icecream. We are having a cuppa now as we’ve got as far as we can to day on the window seat.

This is what the frame looks like now, take in mind DH has never made anything like this before. He had to cut every piece himself with me helping with sanding and holding bits.

We have to go to the DIY place next to buy a piece of wood long and wide enough to make the top. But here is one of the 3 door that go along the front we bought pre made

The window seat/cupboard will hold most of my plastic boxes that contain my yarn supplies, some of my fabric supplies and all my paints and glues.

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We spent Saturday tidying the garden ready for the whole family to come round for a meal, then on Sunday hubby and I went out on the river exe to listen to radio1’s big weekend at Powderham Castle. Couldn’t stay to listen to Cold play and to see the fireworks as the tide was very low at 9pm, so we watched it live on t.v in the hottub instead.
Today is a day of odd jobs before going round to our daughters for tea and to spend a few hours with our 7 day old granddaughter.
It’s been a really good bank holiday for us.

Sounds like you’re enjoying your band holiday weekend Pauline :smile:

Well now in the oven is cooking some jacket spuds and a large chocolate bread pudding.

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@EileensCraftStudio Do you think I might borrow your hubby? For a month or 2? That looks amazing!

@HartAndCraft Awww thank you. I just told him what you said and he blushed.

I do have to warn you he’s pretty slow at this kind of thing as he’s been learning as he goes along…
It’s taken him months to get this far with the window seat as he’s had to think hard about how to make it. There’s been lots of measuring and re measuring, watching youtube video’s on how to use his router to make the groves and practising on bits of spare wood.

@EileensCraftStudio Well all that research and preparation is paying off - it looks neat, tidy and professional.

Now, where are the photos of your chocolate bread pud? :yum:

@gingakats Ramsholt- you could have popped in for a cuppa with me :slight_smile:

Sad about the kingfisher, nature is so cruel.

Hope everyone had a good BH- it was very cold here in Suffolk.

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Here’s is what left of it which is over half. We decided not to be greedy :stuck_out_tongue:


Cold here too so I called it a day and used some of the free listngs.
Do you ever walk along the river at Ramsholt ? Some good fossils there,sparse but they are good when you do find one,long walk to get to them.