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Having extra option for postage like next day delivery etc

I was just having a think about postage and was going to try and add extra options for postage like a UK next day delivery option and an International tracked option but can’t find out where to do this. Or isn’t this an option for Folksy yet? @Folksyadmin @folksycontent can you help? Is this something that might be available in the future?

Cheers, Amanda

You can’t currently offer postage upgrades via a shipping profile, no idea if it will become available in the future. You could add them as a drop down variation menu on each listing or have separate listings called something like ‘postage upgrade - UK’ which could be purchased along side the item listing.


Thanks Sasha, yes adding an extra listing sounds like a good idea!

I have an extra listing. If I remember correctly, it’s something they are working on.

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