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Offering customers delivery options

(Jennifer) #1

Hi everyone!

Apologies if this is a daft question or if it’s already been covered but so far I can’t find anything!

Am I right in thinking there’s no way to offer our customers more than one delivery option?

For example my standard delivery setting for UK customers is royal mail 1st class but I’d like to offer customers a Next Day Delivery option as well for those who need a gift in a hurry.

Can we really only offer 1 delivery service per region?
I’m probably missing something so please do correct me if I’m wrong!

Thanks so much in advance!
Jennifer x

(Qteacup) #2

I don’t think there is any way to do this. You could mention in your listing that you offer other options at different costs, but I’m not sure how this would work as once the customer buys, then they accept the postage option offered.

(Sasha Garrett) #3

You’re not missing anything. I have seen some shops have a category called ‘postage upgrades’ and in it there are listings for up grading the postage to next day, special delivery etc have a look at this one for example


(Kylie Tilley) #4

i still don’t know how postage upgrade would work either because you have already paid postage even with that unless its the difference

(Sasha Garrett) #5

In that example the cost is the price difference between the normal first class and the special delivery service.

(Kylie Tilley) #6

i get it now, thats quite a good idea expecially the run up to xmas

(Jennifer) #7

Thanks so much for the reassurance and suggestions everyone, so helpful!

Good to know I wasn’t missing something totally obvious at least.Giving customers the option to bolt on an additional delivery ‘upgrade’ as a product listing seems like the best way to work round it. And I could just make this option clear to customers in all my other product descriptions.

Seems a bit of a long winded way to do it mind you doesn’t it? I’m quite surprised there’s only one shipping option, it seems a bit basic!

Thanks again everyone! x

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(Sasha Garrett) #8

There are a number of things that are a bit basic - have you noticed that you can’t offer necklaces in different length options within the same listing other than asking them to specify in a message to you? No drop down menu for different colour options either (sorry in a bit of a grump as I’m in the midst of listing something that comes in 12 colour varients and they are each getting their own listing as i can’t have a drop down menu…)

When working out how to do your postage up grades remember that you pay folksy fees on the item cost and paypal fees on the total cost so you need to factor that in so you don’t end up out of pocket.

(Jennifer) #9

Oh yes, thanks for the reminder! I’ll make sure to factor that in.

Yes, I did notice and it’s a bit frustrating - I only rejoined Folksy 2 months ago after 5 years not selling on this platform and was surprised that the option to list variants still wasn’t here! I’ve been doing the same as you, adding variation notes to the description and asking customers to specify in a message.

I assumed this function wasn’t available because it means we skip an extra listing fee, which I’d happily pay but I don’t want all my colours/sizes/variations listed in separate places. Not all customers browse a seller’s entire shop and I want customers who land on a listing to see there and then how many options they have.

Mind you, I say ‘customers’, I’m yet to sell anything on Folksy this time round! Tee hee!

(Claire Mead) #10

Yes, hopefully they will sort this out. I have matching items and have to list them all separately and unfortunately cannot add a link so they can go straight there. fingers crossed. Also I must add I can work around it and I no way want it to become as complicated as ebay, so can manage!