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Help with changing pictures

(Cade & Co Design) #1

Can anyone help? I have re-taken a lot of my photos (the earlier ones were truly terrible & I plan to re-take 99% of them over the next few days. The pictures look great on my shop but when I search (I’ve changed the pictures of findings I sell) the horrible old pictures come up. Can anyone tell me how I can get the new pictures to show in the listings?

Thanks for any help I may get only this is an old picture

& this is a new one

(Diane Burton) #2

When you’ve edited your photos have you remembered to click the ‘update item’ button at the bottom of the page?

(Cade & Co Design) #3

Yes I did that. I can see the items changed in my shop (which is starting to look much better; it is when I do a generic search I just see the old pictures. I have tried re-listing the items but still the grotty old pictures show up and if customers search I doubt my stuff will get a second look; especially when I start re-taking the jewellery. If people can’t see that what Mum & I have made is nice they are never going to buy from us. I’d really like to be earning my living but at the moment Mum & I have sold nothing. I know my photos are holding us back & in addition I have so much to learn about social media & marketing. I need 72 hours in 24 to fit in all that I need to learn about :grin:

(Roz) #4

Hi - just looked at your shop and I see the new pictures but like you when I did a search for toggle clasp the old pics showed up. Think you need to contact support. New pics look great by the way. Off to do a search on my items now as I have updated my pics recently and would hate for the old ones to be showing in a search!

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #5

Iv had this problem.
It changes after 24hrs in the search.
I think it’s when folksy updates. Not sure about that though.
But all mine changes in the search after 24hrs

(Cade & Co Design) #6

Thank you hobbitgirlie 1880, I’ll check again in 24 hours & if there is no change I’ll do as Roz suggests & get in touch with the support team.

Kindest Regards Debby (Cade & Co Design)

(Cade & Co Design) #7

So pleased that you think my new pictures are better too. I’ve put your advice about using manual settings on my camera & the white balance and backgrounds into practise & I’ve been watching U tube videos; although I know that natural daylight gives great pictures I work full time & by the time I get home it’s dark & I sometimes have to work at the weekend so it leaves little time to fit in photography. Anyway I have a small light studio but with my 2 lights wasn’t getting a good enough result after dark. Then I had a eureka moment; the pros use several lights & light from above, behind, from the sides & even from below sometimes. Which with my extremely limited budget was just not possible but it suddenly occurred to me that if I set up my system on my kitchen hob I could use the florescent tube and as I have pale tiles it bounces the light from my 2 small studio lights & the tube sufficiently well to give me the results you see. I’m chuffed so now on to the rest of it all.

Let’s hope Hobbitgirl 1880 is correct & the pictures update automatically. If not I’ll let you know how I get on with sorting out a fix with the help desk team.

Thank you so much for your help and advise I really appreciate it.
Kindest Regards

(Diane Burton) #8

Using the hob lights and tiles as part of your lighting ‘fix’ is great idea, I have heard of people taking photos with their products in the bath (providing it’s white) but as we get very little natural light in our bathroom I stick to using my desk chair draped in a sheet near a window.

(Cade & Co Design) #9

I guess it’s a case of whatever works for you to produce the maximum amount of light!


(Cade & Co Design) #10

Still showing the grotty old pictures 24 hours later when I do a search for findings. :cry: How about your products; had your pictures been updated on the general search (I hope so)? Guess I’d better get in touch with support although will have to work out how to do that first! Wish I was like my kids & it all come naturally to me!

(Sonia Adam) #11

Hi, sorry to hear you are having problems with your photos showing. If you haven’t managed to contact support yet then scroll to the bottom of the home page & you’ll find a link to ‘help & support’. Hope you get it sorted soon.

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #12

Can anyone help.
Iv not been able to load pictures onto folksy foe two day now.
Keep getting a big red error sign. Then it’s just told me iv not enough memory.
I’m confused and really need help.eek

(Heidi Meier) #13

Hi - I think it’s simply the cookie setting on your personal PC - because you have looked at that image previously, your pc remembers this as it saves download space/ time if your pc refers back to the saved image rather than asking for the image to be downloaded once more form the web - if you clear your cookie history and your cache it should fix itself. Hope that helps :smile:

(Cade & Co Design) #14

It could be that your images are too large. I’ve had it a couple of times & had to compress the files to get them to load. If that doesn’t help I’d get in contact with the help desk.

(Cade & Co Design) #15

Thank you, I managed to send them a message today & they are investigating the problem. It could be something to do with the photo cache so the help desk are asking the engineers to look at it. XX

(Cade & Co Design) #16

Thanks for the suggestion but Roz had a look and she could only see my old photos too. I contacted the Folksy Helpdesk & they are asking engineers to look at the problem as they think it could be an issue with the photo cache (what ever that is). Fingers crossed it will be sorted soon.


(Cade & Co Design) #17

Just had another thought it might be connected with the issue of the photos not updating as the Help Desk did say they thought there might be an issue with the photo cache which is why my old photos are showing when a generic search is done. They are investigating that issue so hopefully if the 2 things are linked your issues may get resolved too (fingers crossed) XX

(Cade & Co Design) #18

My pictures are now showing & look much better. I think I had not actually selected update for some of them. Here is another new picture that I am particularly pleased with in comparison to the old

. Just 100 & something more items to re-take; still it will be worth it if my stuff starts to sell. xx

(Hobbitgirlie1880) #19

Looks lovely. Very bright.
I know what you mean tho.
Iv been retaking lots of my photos now it’s abit brighter.
And they do look better.
Had a problem with glare on some. Sometimes you can’t get everything right.
Never mind

(Cade & Co Design) #20

The one I have shown above was actually taken at night! I’ve used 2 photographic studio lights & the florescent tube from my hob & much careful angling of the stand so that you couldn’t see the reflections of the florescent tube. I also used my light tent to diffuse the glare from my photographic lights. Today however I’ve been out in my conservatory; so been able to use natural daylight. I had my stand balanced on a chair & the stand is sitting on top of a disused black out blind that I’ve hooked over the hooks that the dog’s leads hang from!

This is the before. The back ground was awful & the picture didn’t show the necklace at all well.