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Hello everyone, New seller, would really appreciate feedback on my shop

(Nicola ) #1

Hi Everyone.

Just wanted to say hello, I am new to Folksy just spent most of the day opening my shop ( my eyes are hurting now !! )
I would really appreciated any feedback Good or Bad ( be gentle though :smile: )
I have been making plaques and signs for about 1.5 years now with some success, usually around special occasions Xmas , mothers day etc. But looking to make it a year round venture to fit around kids / school runs etc.
I know there are lots of people doing the same, but nothing ventured nothing gained I guess
I am really liking a lot of the things for sale on here and like that it is UK based.

I look forward to your comments
Nicola x

Shop name: Nicola Rose Creations

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Welcome to Folksy Nicola! :smile:

your shop looks lovely to me, your signs are very pretty, you’ve described them well and the photos are clear and attractive. Good luck!

btw love the name Nicola Rose! :smile:

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

Very pretty items

I did notice one thing that you might wish to change in your listings as Shabby Chic has been Trademark by the person who first coined the phrase and she does go after people who use her trademarked phrase.

You might want to look at your titles and check they have the words in them that a potential customer might type into a search box/engine when look for plaques.

All the best with your shop and pretty items.

(Nicola ) #4

Thank you very much for the feedback and taking the time to look much appreciated x

(Nicola ) #5

Thank you for that, I didn’t realise that about the Shabby chic thing, I think I will remove it then, thank you.
I found that did work when I was selling on ebay as I think people search that phrase.
Its hard to think of titles which might get peoples attention , especially when a lot of my plaques can be for anyone,
I’ll keep plugging away
Thanks again
Nicola x

(Raven Jewellery) #6

Hi Nicola
I think your shop is lovely.

You have planned it really well and the photos are great. It makes mine look at bit bare! I am in the process of taking photos and putting them up today…it is harder work than people think!

I am new to the forums but it is nice to see how others are thinking about their shops.


(Nicola ) #7

Hi Catherine, Thank you for lovely feedback, Yes your right it is amazing how much time and effort it takes to set up a simple shop, I’ve been at it all day, (headache now )
Your shop looks good too, I really like the banner , very in keeping with your items which are great by the way, a really unique idea I haven’t seen before
Good luck with it,
Take care
Nicola x

(Raven Jewellery) #8

Thank you! It’s nice to have some feedback.

best wishes and good luck too!


(Warakusi Art) #9

Hello Nicole,

I think your items just look lovely!!!.. your description and pictures are fine! make beautiful crafts!!.. This is a humble opinion, I am new to Folsky and I am learning too :smile:

All the best!!!

(Nicola ) #10

Thank you very much, for the lovely feedback, sorry for the late response, I have been away for a while.
kind regards
Nicola xx

(Kate Turner) #11

Lovely shop and lovely items. Good Luck